Office of the Director

George Lombardi, Director

Photo of the Director of the Department of Corrections

Missouri Governor Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon nominated George A. Lombardi to the Director of the Department of Corrections on December 18, 2008. The nomination was confirmed on January 29, 2009. Lombardi became the 6th Director to lead the Department since Corrections became its own cabinet-level state agency in 1981.

Mr. Lombardi is a 35 year veteran of the Missouri Department of Corrections having served previously as the Director of the Division of Adult Institutions for 18 years, Assistant Director of that division for three years and a Warden for seven years. As Director of Corrections, he is responsible for the 21 adult correctional facilities, six community supervision centers, a community release center and more than 40 probation and parole offices across the State of Missouri. This includes more than 11,000 staff, 59,000 probationers and parolees and 30,000 inmates.

During his retirement from the Missouri Department of Corrections in 2005, he was Senior Consultant of the Missouri Youth Services Institute and for two years worked closely with the Washington, D.C. Youth Services Division at the facility for committed youth. He served on the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Criminal Justice Task Force for the Missouri Association of Social Welfare. He is a past President of the Missouri Corrections Association and has served as an auditor for the Commission of Accreditation for Corrections. He has lectured on criminal justice matters at the American Corrections Association, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, colleges and universities and civic organizations. He has also co-authored two articles:

Mr. Lombardi organized the first annual National Conference on Prisoner Reentry with Central Missouri State University. He was recognized at the December, 2002 Commencement at the Central Missouri State University with a Distinguished Alumnus Award. Mr. Lombardi has a B.S. and M.S. in psychology from the Central Missouri State University.

Office of the General Counsel

The attorneys in the general counsel's office provide a broad range of legal services to employees in all four divisions. Among other duties, they provide general legal counsel and legal services to the department's executive staff; provide legal advice concerning the administration of prisons and the supervision of probationers and parolees; provide legal advice in all areas of employee relations, including discipline of employees; review contracts and interagency agreements; review and draft legislative proposals; respond to subpoenas (for employees and/or records) and other requests for records; advise records officers and parole analysts regarding criminal sentences; respond to court orders relating to the transportation or release of prisoners; represent department officials at various administrative hearings; provide litigation assistance to attorneys with the Attorney General's Office; and review department policies and procedures.

The Office of the General Counsel also houses the department's Prison Rape Elimination Act Coordinator. The PREA Coordinator is responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing the agency's efforts to comply with the PREA standards in all of its facilities. PREA website

Public Information

The Public Information Office addresses inquiries from the news media, the general public, and other interested parties. This office also generates department publications, videos and promotes department activities.

You may contact our Public Information Office at 573-522-1118 or by email at [email protected].

For all other inquiries, please call 573-751-2389 or visit our Contact Us page.

Inspector General

The Office of the Inspector General is charged with objectively examining department operations. This is accomplished through the Investigations Unit and the Intelligence Unit. The Office of Inspector General is the investigative arm of the department and conducts investigations in response to reports of suspected violation of statute and department policy and procedure. The Intelligence Unit is responsible for developing, implementing, administering strategic programs, and filtering intelligence information.

The Missouri Department of Corrections' Investigation Unit investigates violations of Missouri State Law and serious violations of Department procedure at all Department of Corrections facilities across the state. The unit consisting of 3 Investigation Managers, 6 Investigator III's and 21 Investigator II's, works closely with federal, state and local law enforcement to ensure criminal violators are prosecuted.

The Missouri Department of Corrections' Intelligence Unit is charged with gathering, analyzing, documenting and disseminating intelligence occurring within Missouri prisons. The unit consists of one Investigations Analyst and 17 Investigator I's.

All investigators are experienced professionals who have held a variety of positions in the law enforcement community. Investigators are chosen from the Missouri Merit Register, based on education, experience and character.

You may contact the Office of Inspector General at 573-526-6504 or by email at [email protected].

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