About Department of Corrections

George Lombardi

The Department of Corrections with victims, communities and state and local governments improves public safety through secure confinement and effective community interventions. Through our cooperative efforts to provide effective correctional services, we hold offenders accountable for their behavior and prepare them to be productive citizens.

The Department of Corrections supervises all felons and targeted misdemeanants sentenced by the courts to prison or probation. By Missouri law, a person must be 17 years of age or certified as an adult by the courts. A prison sentence must be at least one year or greater in length. Probation terms, as determined by the courts, range from six months to five years. The Division of Adult Institutions provides the custody and care for offenders sentenced to prison. The Division of the Board of Probation and Parole supervises offenders sentenced to probation or released from prison on parole.

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