Houdini Keyboard System

5G Keyboard System Houdini
J-108 $267.00

Works just about anywhere and does just about anything! It adjusts quickly and easily to follow various postures for low-risk keyboard positions.

• Position indicates for both height & tilt.
• Convenient one-hand wheel tilt adjustment.
• Total travel range of 8" (5" below work surface, 3" above).
• Offers maximum seated flexibility with a full 20° negative tilt and 10° positive tilt.
• 360° rear swivel.
• 17 3/4" track.

J-109 $240.00

• Designed for applications that require minimal track length and maximum retraction.
• Ideal for height adjustable tables.
• "No knob/Gravity lock" spring assisted height adjustment.
• 14" track with standard tray.
• 11" track with UC tray.


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