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Volunteer Services facilitates and coordinates the involvement of the community in the rehabilitation of offenders through volunteer-led programs and services and internship experiences. The Department of Corrections provides educational experience for college students enrolled in a program that requires an internship or practicum. The department has a demonstrated interest and commitment to student education including a willingness to work with students and faculty in developing learning opportunities and supporting staff involvement in student supervision. Intern opportunities exist within the department at correctional centers, community release centers, community supervision centers and Probation and Parole district offices.

Volunteers and interns complete an extensive training regimen before assignment and are supervised under state and department personnel rules and regulations. Volunteers and interns work directly with incarcerated offenders and offenders in the community under the supervision of correctional staff.

To discuss your desire to volunteer or intern with the Department of Corrections, please contact the Institutional Activities Coordinator (IAC) at the Correctional Center or the Volunteer Coordinator at the Probation and Parole Office to discuss the volunteer/intern needs at the location where you wish to serve.

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Why have a volunteer program

Volunteers are important to any organization for many and varied reasons:

Without the efforts of these men and women, many of our programs would suffer or would not exist. It is our hope to find volunteers willing to assist in both faith-based and non-faith based programming. The Missouri Department of Corrections welcomes you to join our team!

For general information about the Volunteer and Internship programs, please contact Volunteer Services at (573) 526-6491.