Victim Services

If you are visiting this web site, it may be that you or someone you know or love has been a victim of crime. Most victims feel confused, angry and overwhelmed when confronted with the criminal justice system after a crime is committed. There are many new things to try and comprehend while trying to grapple with the emotional and physical impact of the offense.

If the offender is sentenced to prison or community supervision you will begin your journey into the post-sentencing phase of the criminal justice process and the Missouri Department of Corrections. The Office of Victim Services is committed to helping reduce the confusion and frustration you might otherwise feel by providing you with useful information. Our staff seeks to gently guide you through the complex steps of the incarceration and supervision period.

We invite you to explore our Office of Victim Services Web site. You will find links to other victim service agencies and referral resources around the state and the nation. We have tried to address the questions and concerns most frequently brought to our attention, but if you do not find the answers or information you are looking for here, please contact us directly.

You may contact the Office of Victim Services at 573-526-6516 or email us at Victim Services. Please be sure to provide the following:

E-mail: Victim Services