Crossroads Correctional Center Updates - Sept. 25, 2018

Sept. 25, 2018

A gradual return to normal activity continues at Crossroads Correctional Center. Recent developments:

Sept. 16: Phone and shower rotations extended.

Sept. 16: All in-house privileges reinstated in honor dorms

Sept. 17: Increased access to recreation yard, gym, library, law library, chapel and barber shop.

Sept. 17: Resumed normal programming schedule.

Sept. 19: Corizon Health conducted institution-wide visits to assess and treat medical and mental health needs. Every offender was seen.

Sept. 20: Administrative segregation phone calls began following installation of cordless phone.

Sept. 24: Recreation increased to 40-minute morning and afternoon periods, with access to the recreation yard, gym, library, law library, chapel and barber shop. 

Sept. 24: Increased canteen spending limit and availability of items.

Oct. 1: Religious services scheduled to resume.

Hot meals continue for lunch only for offenders and staff. Sack meals are served for breakfast and dinner. Repair work continues in the food services area.

Previous updates:

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