Commercial Seating Fabrics & Vinyls

Stock Fabrics Available: Pictured here are the varieties of fabrics and vinyl MVE regularly has in stock. Additional colors are available for special order at no additional cost but will add time to delivery depending on availability and shipping.

Due to color variance in the printing process, colors pictured may vary from actual color of fabric. To view the fabric online, go to, click on “Product Search” tab, select “Pattern Name”.

Contact your MVE Sales Associate to view a complete collection of upholstery options available to you.

Fabric Choices

To view larger images, scroll over fabric swatches.


Artistry - PaprikaArtistry Paprika
Artistry Paprika

368-001 Paprika
Artistry - CornsilkArtistry Cornsilk
Artistry Cornsilk

368-002 Cornsilk
Artisty - CeladonArtisty Celadon
Artistry Celadon

368-003 Celadon
Artisty - AtlanticArtisty Atlantic
Artistry Atlantic

368-004 Atlantic
Artistry -  GraphiteArtistry Graphite
Artistry Graphite

368-006 Graphite
Artistry - ParchmentArtistry Parchment
Artistry Parchment

368-007 Parchment
Artistry - TangerineArtistry Tangerine
Artistry Tangerine

368-009 Tangerine

Duraweave 10

Duraweave - BlackTanDuraweave BlackTan
Duraweave 10 Black & Tan

430-000 Black & Tan
Duraweave - IndigoDuraweave Indigo
Duraweave 10 Indigo

430-004 Indigo
Duraweave - EbonyDuraweave Ebony
Duraweave 10 Ebony

430-006 Ebony
Duraweave - OatmealDuraweave Oatmeal
Duraweave 10 Oatmeal

430-007 Oatmeal
Duraweave - MulberryDuraweave Mulberry
Duraweave 10 Mulberry

430-011 Mulberry
Duraweave 10 Salsa

430-023 Salsa
Duraweave - HarborDuraweave Harbor
Duraweave 10 Harbor

430-024 Harbor

Foundation 10

Foundation 10 - WineFoundation 10 Wine
Foundation 10 Wine

350-001 Wine
Foundation 10 - EbonyFoundation 10 Ebony
Foundation 10 Ebony

350-006 Ebony
Foundation 10 - CayenneFoundation 10 Cayenne
Foundation 10 Cayenne

350-009 Cayenne
Foundation 10 - NavyFoundation 10 Navy
Foundation 10 Navy

350-014 Navy
Foundation - JodhpursFoundation Jodhpurs
Foundation 10 Jodhpurs

350-017 Jodhpurs
Foundation 10 - BuckskinFoundation 10 Buckskin
Foundation 10 Buckskin

350-027 Buckskin
Foundation 10 - BasilFoundation 10 Basil
Foundation 10 Basil

350-093 Basil


Mosiac - EspressoMosiac Espresso
Mosaic Espresso

349-000 Espresso
Mosaic - BlazeMosaic Blaze
Mosaic Blaze

349-001 Blaze
Mosiac - LaurelMosiac Laurel
Mosaic Laurel

349-003 Laurel
Mosaic - CeruleanMosaic Cerulean
Mosaic Cerulean

349-004 Cerulean
Mosaic - NaturalMosaic Natural
Mosaic Natural

349-007 Natural
Mosaic - MangoMosaic Mango
Mosaic Mango

349-009 Mango
Mosaic Taupe

349-010 Taupe

Spacer Mesh

Spacer Mesh Hunter

301-003 Hunter
Spacer Mesh Black

301-006 Black
Spacer Mesh Cayene

301-009 Cayene
Spacer Mesh Marigold

301-019 Marigold
Spacer Mesh Sapphire

301-024 Sapphire
Spacer Mesh Caribbean

301-034 Caribbean

Vinyl Choices

To view larger images, scroll over fabric swatches.


Florentino - SableFlorentino Sable
Florentino Sable

FT-000 Sable
Florentino - FernFlorentino Fern
Florentino Fern

FT-003 Fern
Florentino - SapphireFlorentino Sapphire
Florentino Sapphire

FT-004 Sapphire
Florentino - JetFlorentino Jet
Florentino Jet

FT-006 Jet
Florentino - ChiliFlorentino Chili
Florentino Chili

FT-009 Chili
Florentino - SepiaFlorentino Sepia
Florentino Sepia

FT-019 Sepia
Florentino - KhakiFlorentino Khaki
Florentino Khaki

FT-027 Khaki

Key Largo

Key Largo Chocolate

KL-000 Chocolate
Key Largo Crimson

KL-001 Crimson
Key Largo Jungle

KL-003 Jungle
Key Largo Ultramarine

KL-004 Ultramarine
Key Largo Ebony

KL-016 Ebony
Key Largo Quarry

KL-026 Quarry


Kobe Maroon

KB-001 Maroon
Kobe Laurel

KB-003 Laurel
Kobe Indigo

KB-004 Indigo
Kobe Ebony

KB-006 Ebony
Kobe Butternut

KB-010 Butternut
Kobe Greystone

KB-036 Greystone


Mayer Fabrics has developed the Punch line of coated fabrics with Nanocide for use in Contract and HealthCare Seating. Armed with the most advanced silver ion technology, Punch vinyl sharply reduces the risk of infection from Staphylococcus germs by destroying 99% of them, including MRSA, on contact within 30 minutes. The surface can be cleaned with bleach or any other disinfectants used in healthcare settings. Punch vinyl will add $40.00 to the price of an office task chair. For lounge seating, call MVE sales for a price quote.

Punch - MochaPunch - Mocha
Punch Mocha

PN-000 Mocha
Punch - RhubarbPunch - Rhubarb
Punch Rhubarb

PN-001 Rhubarb
Punch - PalmPunch - Palm
Punch Palm

PN-003 Palm
Punch - JetPunch - Jet
Punch Jet

PN-006 Jet
Punch - SandPunch - Sand
Punch Sand

PN-010 Sand
Punch - WildberryPunch - Wildberry
Punch Wildberry

PN-011 Wildberry
Punch - DenimPunch - Denim
Punch Denim

PN-014 Denim


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