Cultivate. Collaborate. Cosmopolitan.


Seasonal, smart and sophisticated.
Cosmopolitan is at home in any planning situation. Its flexibility and infinite design possibilities allow it to adapt to environments calling for an open plan, private spaces and everything in between. Cosmopolitan defines the criteria for all-encompassing office furniture systems.

Been there, done that. There is no application that Cosmopolitan can't resolve. When needs change, Cosmopolitan changes with them, easily accommodating complex reconfigurations or simple aesthetic facelifts.

Cosmopolitan 2Cosmopolitan 2

A refined palette of fabrics and finishes combines aesthetic appeal and sustainable materials, enabling Cosmopolitan to dress for any occasion.

Cosmopolitan is conscious of its impact on the environment. Each component, process and material that makes up the system is carefully considered with the ultimate intention of reducing its environmental footprint.


Treat the team well.
With a fully functional workspace. Create a cooperative team environment with the perfect blend of possibilities. Cosmopolitan seamlessly integrates with Up storage, providing an attractive and flexible environment with exceptional aesthetics, inviting shapes, superb organizational capabilities and a minimal footprint.

Definitively Cosmopolitan

Panels (laminate or upholstered)
Standard laminate colors from Wilsonart that end in "-60" or "-38".
Available panel fabrics are from Mayer Fabics.

Metal Trims
Available colors: silverSilver, blackblack, gingerginger, polished metalPolished Metal, espresso sparkleEspresso Sparkle, greyGrey, whitewhite, puttyputty, charcoalCharcoal

Available colors: frostedFrosted, clearClear, bronzebronze, flutedFluted, spiderspider

Custom Designed Office Systems
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