Do all offenders that are financially able to pay get billed on a monthly basis?

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No. The following offenders are exempted from payment based on their case status:

  • Missouri parole and conditional release cases for 90 days after initial release.
  • Dual cases for 90 days following initial release of the Parole Board case.
  • Deferred Prosecution, Re-Entry Court, Drug Court, DWI Court, Drug Re-Integration Court
  • and Veterans Court (both deferred prosecution and post plea) cases.
  • Bond cases.
  • Those cases assigned to the Interstate Compact Unit.

The following waivers may apply based on the offender’s personal situation:

  • Confined Offender and Violator (Confined for a period exceeding 90 days).
  • Interstate Transfers-once the offender is accepted by the receiving state.
  • Judicial Waiver.
  • Insufficient Income.