Division of Human Services

The Division of Human Services provides support to the Division of Adult Institutions, Division of Offender Rehabilitative Services and the Division of Probation & Parole. The Division of Human Services is tasked with recruiting a diverse professional work force, maintaining that qualified work force, improving the work environment of employees and communication between management and staff.

Human Resources

The Missouri Department of Corrections employs approximately 11,000 staff at more than 90 worksites throughout the state. That creates a constant, critical need to recruit and retain a dynamic workforce. Qualified professionals looking for a challenging career should take a serious look at the Missouri Department of Corrections. Our team is making a difference every day.

Employment Opportunities

Training and Employee Development

The Training Academy develops, coordinates, and delivers pre-service, in-service, and management/supervisory training to staff in each of the department's divisions. Regional Training Academies are operated in Farmington, Jefferson City, and Saint Joseph. The academy promotes the personal growth, professional development ,and imparts the departmental vision to all staff members to help them achieve the short and long term goals of the agency.

Employee Health, Wellness, and Safety

This section addresses job-related health and safety concerns with focus on control of communicable and infectious diseases.

Fiscal Management Unit (FMU)

The Fiscal Management Unit (FMU) provides oversight of all departmental financial activities and coordinates those activities with other state offices including: the state treasurer, state auditor, office of administration and the Department of Revenue. This unit reviews proposed policies and procedures, regulations and legislation to determine fiscal or procedural impacts on the department. Recommendations are made based on the findings.

Offender Financial Services

Offender Financial Services provides fiscal oversight, support and assistance to the offender population by managing the offender canteen and offender banking system. The offender banking system is used to maintain offenders' personal funds, savings accounts, savings bonds, and liabilities owed to other entities. The system is also used to process offender payroll and accounts receivable. Each institution operates an offender canteen offering approved products for sale to offenders with revenues used for the benefit of offenders in the areas of recreation, religion or educational services.

Religious/Spiritual Programming

The section on Religious/Spiritual Programming facilitates the practice of religious faith and encourages the development of personal spirituality among offenders. Department chaplains coordinate religious programming, recruit & supervise religious volunteers, and offer spiritual counseling and support.

For more information on chaplaincy services, becoming a religious/spiritual volunteer, or to learn how you or your religious organization can support inmate success please contact Religious/Spiritual Programming, P.O. Box 236, Jefferson City, MO 65102 (573) 526-6489.

General Services

General Services is responsible for oversight of departmental food services, storing and distributing commodity food items to the department's institutions statewide, budget oversight of major new construction, maintenance projects and leasing within the department, business office functions for central office and central mailroom/warehouse functions.

Planning Section

The mission of the Planning Section is to help staff find sound solutions to problems affecting the department so they can improve services. The section facilitates process-improvement, strategic planning, problem-solving, customer satisfaction, and flowcharting processes and provides guidance in the development of vision, mission and value statements, objectives and objective measures, outcome and outcome measures, action plans and meeting management training programs.

Volunteer/Intern Services

Volunteer Services facilitates and coordinates the involvement of the community in the rehabilitation of offenders through volunteer led programs and services and internship experiences.

The Department of Corrections provides educational experience for college students enrolled in a program that requires an internship or practicum. The Department has a demonstrated interest and commitment to student education including a willingness to work with students and faculty in developing learning opportunities and supporting staff involvement in student supervision. Intern opportunities exist within the Department at correctional centers, community release centers, community supervision centers and Probation and Parole district offices.

Volunteers and interns complete an extensive training regimen before assignment and are supervised under state and department personnel rules and regulations. Volunteers and interns work directly with incarcerated offenders and offenders in the community under the supervision of correctional staff.

To discuss your desire to volunteer or intern with the Department of Corrections, please contact the Institutional Activities Coordinator (IAC) at the Correctional Center or the Volunteer Coordinator at the Probation and Parole Office to discuss the volunteer/intern needs at the location where you wish to serve.

For general information about the Volunteer and Internship programs, please contact Volunteer Services at (573) 526-6491.

Volunteer in Corrections

Volunteer/Student Intern Application

DOC recognizes volunteers during National Volunteers Week