The Corrections Way

Message to Staff: March 19, 2018

Good morning ALL DOC Staff,

As promised, I am writing this morning to share additional information about the upcoming supervisory training: The Corrections Way and to highlight things you should be experiencing.  As this becomes our new way of working with each other, the first thing I should mention is that we all need to have PATIENCE.  It will take time. Go easy on your supervisors as they work to implement this change. If you are a supervisor, be patient with your staff as they acclimate to changes in the supervisory approach. It will benefit ALL of us when this becomes our natural environment. 

Moving forward here is what you can expect:

  • More clarity around your value and our appreciation for the work you do
  • Stronger respect, rapport and trust from your leaders
  • Clarity and aligning around what your supervisor expects from you and more open
  • communication around what you expect from them
  • Stronger and better relationships with each other 
  • Stronger and better work environment 
  • Happier and engaged staff around you

Again, this will take time, and everyone (including you and I) are responsible for making this happen. What is your role? See below:

  • Be open to this change, it will help create a better work environment
  • Have patience as this change happens. Our current environment took years to create, and it will take time to make long lasting change
  • Be active and participate in this change. Bring a positive attitude, a willingness to build stronger relationships and create better communication with your peers and supervisors
  • Provide authentic and sincere feedback. If you experience things you appreciate, let others know. If you are experiencing things that could continue to improve provide that feedback as well
  • If we all work hard at this approach, we will see dramatic changes for the better in our work environment. 

I am excited we are on this journey together and expect everyone to actively work hard to make MODOC an even better place to work, and ultimately create an environment that allows us to improve lives for a safer community

Thank you for what each of you do every day. Stay Safe!

Anne L. Precythe


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