Division of Adult Institutions

The Division of Adult Institutions manages the state’s 19 adult correctional centers.

Each adult institution operates like a small city whose residents go to school, work in jobs, eat meals together in dining halls and access treatment for medical or behavioral-health issues. They participate in programs designed to help them change their mindsets, give back to fellow Missourians, develop a deep understanding of the impact of crime on victims, and make positive contributions to communities inside and outside prison walls. More than 95% of offenders committed to prison ultimately are released. Preparing them to transition successfully to the community improves public safety and reduces future victimization.

    Family Resources

    Library Services

    The Department of Corrections provides offenders with library services to support their educational, recreational, legal and informational needs.

    Missouri DOC libraries are modeled after public library collections. Legal resources are also provided and fulfill the requirements mandated by law. Legal reference assistance is free to offenders.

    Religious & Spiritual Programming

    Religious programming opportunities and pastoral care services are provided for offenders in correctional centers. Chaplains assigned to the institutions work with volunteers from various faith groups to ensure constitutional rights of inmates to practice their chosen religions are facilitated within the limitations of a secure setting. Spirituality can be a restorative and transforming tool for inmate change, growth and social reintegration.

    Spiritual services available in Missouri correctional centers include counseling; visits from community volunteers and clergy; religious dietary accommodations; a religious advisory council; worship services and studies; a chapel library; and special programming. Access to religious and spiritual services has been shown to decrease conduct violations and promote inmate institutional adjustment. Inmates attending religious and spiritual programming are more likely to engage in activities that promote positive attitudes and behaviors needed to take advantage of other programs.

    For more information on chaplaincy services, becoming a religious/ spiritual volunteer, or to learn how you or your religious organization can support inmate success please contact Religious/Spiritual Programming, P.O. Box 236, Jefferson City, MO 65102 573-526-6489.