MRP Transitional Housing Units

The Missouri Department of Correction has implemented Transitional Housing Units in 12 institutions across the state. The focus of business in these units is to ensure offenders are prepared for return to their community. The offenders enter a Transitional Housing Unit approximately six months prior to release and receive various services including, but not limited to the following: academic and vocational education; obtaining identification; cognitive restructuring; mental health, medical and substance abuse treatment with continuity of care into the community; education on faith-based support; employability and life skills; employment services; information regarding child support; education on strengthening family relationships and pro-social community participation; Impact of Crime on Victims class; and other areas identified as critical to offenders' success.

The following institutions have successfully implemented a Transitional Housing Unit:

  • Algoa Correctional Center
  • Boonville Correctional Center
  • Chillicothe Correctional Center
  • Farmington Correctional Center
  • Maryville Treatment Center
  • Moberly Correctional Center
  • Missouri Eastern Correctional Center
  • Northeast Correctional Center
  • Tipton Correctional Center
  • Western Missouri Correctional Center
  • Western Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center
  • Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center

The maximum level institutions are providing pre-release services to those offenders who are being released from these facilities. Due to the small number of releases from the maximum level institutions, it is an inefficient use of resources to create a specific unit.