MRP Partnering Agencies

MODOC Partner Agencies
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The Missouri Department of Corrections (DOC) promotes public safety by the supervision and confinement of offenders. Our mission to reduce crime and incarceration costs to taxpayers is enhanced through the partnerships with other state agencies. DOC will be the lead agency on this project.

The Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development works with agencies and our partners across the state to help offenders successfully complete the transition from prison to community, so they can move toward self-sufficiency and productive lives. DHWED provides employment preparation services before and after release from prison and helps to market job-seekers to potential employers.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services works to promote healthier communities. Through this partnership the department will facilitate linking offenders, who are returning home, with health resources available in their communities so that offender's health needs including HIV, TB and STD are met.

The Missouri Department of Social Services believes that this partnership assists families of offenders by promoting connections during the incarceration period, which will continue upon release. Offenders who develop a support system prior to release through access to services and family will be afforded a greater chance for successful transition to the community.

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation-DVR) is a program to assist persons with physical or mental impairments to become employed. MDVR's mission is to provide the highest quality of employment-training services to Missourians with disabilities.

The Missouri Department of Revenue is implementing a program to assist offenders in obtaining a non-drivers license identification card, which will allow a smoother transition into the community. This will provide an offender the immediate possibility of proving their identity for important transitional steps such as employment, education, and financial services.

For the past several years the Office of State Courts Administrator, with the assistance of the judiciary, has utilized drug and family courts to hold offenders accountable and to coordinate the provision of needed services. Offenders who are successful upon reentry from prison will contribute to the public's safety and avoid a return to the court system.

The Missouri Department of Mental Health is heavily invested in this project. With over 60% of alcohol and drug abuse referrals from the criminal justice system and the number of offenders who suffer from other mental disabilities, it is imperative that we work with our partners to address these significant issues.

The Missouri Department of Public Safety supports reentry through collaboration on a Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) grant; commercial driver’s license testing; labor for disaster cleanup; and services for veterans, including education benefits and resource referrals.

The Missouri Department of Transportation partners with the DOC on programs that help prepare offenders for reentry in the community, including work-release programs, a license plate factory in a DOC facility, and an Adopt a Highway programs for parolees and probationers.

Other Partnering Agencies

  • Law Enforcement
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Treatment Providers
  • Federal Probation
  • City and County Government
  • Housing Representatives
  • Employers