Offender Phone Services

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Communication with family, friends and others is important to those who are incarcerated. Phone calls can be made by offenders with good behavior. The following information explains how and when phones may be used.

Offender Phone Calls

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While offenders cannot receive telephone calls, they can make outgoing calls as long as they are not on restricted status. Offenders assigned to segregation units have limited access to the telephone.

Through an established vendor, telephones located throughout the facilities are programmed to process collect calls, debit calls or prepaid calls. Offender computer tablets also are equipped with phone applications.

Offenders making toll-free calls or participating in three-way calls may face disciplinary action. Family and friends should not facilitate phone calls between offenders.

How Calls are Made

Offenders must use a personal identification number (PIN) in an automated security system to make calls. The offender may place a call by purchasing debit minutes in the canteen, from a kiosk or using an account set up through Securus. Advance Connect allows you to fund calls in advance to a specific bill to number (BTN). Offenders also can make phone calls through a phone application installed on JPay tablets and powered by Securus Technologies.

To receive pre-paid calls, set up an account with Securus online or by phone, email or mail.

All offender phone calls are monitored for security purposes.

Unwanted Telephone Calls

If you receive unwanted telephone calls from an offender, you can follow the prompts on the phone to block future calls to your residence.

If you continue to receive calls, immediately contact the institution, providing as much information as possible. If the offender can be identified through his or her PIN number, the offender will be directed to stop contacting you. If contact continues, the offender may face disciplinary action. 

For your protection, a recorded message is played throughout the telephone conversation that alerts you that the call is originating from a correctional facility. This message is not intended to annoy, but rather to alert outside parties to the fact that an offender originally placed the call.

Phone Blocks

While the institution can monitor and record calls, they hold no ability to place a block on outside telephones. The telephone company may place an automatic block on your phone if third party calls are detected or there is an unusual increase in your phone bill. To receive calls from a correctional center, you must contact Securus at or 1-800-844-6591.

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