Video Visits

For loved ones who are unable to visit in person, video visits may be a convenient option.  Video visits are currently available at the following facilities

  • Algoa Correctional Center
  • Boonville Correctional Center
  • Crossroads Correctional Center
  • Eastern Reception, Diagnostic & Correctional Center
  • Fulton Reception & Diagnostic Center
  • Jefferson City Correctional Center
  • Moberly Correctional Center
  • Missouri Eastern Correctional Center
  • Northeast Correctional Center
  • Ozark Correctional Center
  • Potosi Correctional Center
  • South Central Correctional Center
  • Southeast Correctional Center
  • Tipton Correctional Center
  • Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic & Correctional Center

Video visits will be conducted in the same manner as if the visit was occurring in person (e.g. dress code, behavior, language) and must comply with all Department policies, guidelines, and procedures.

General Guidelines

  1. Participation in video visits is a privilege, not a right. Both the visitor and offender are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times during a video visit.
  2. Video visitation is provided by the department’s contracted provider, Securus Technologies.
  3. There are two types of video visits – on-site and remote.
    • a. On-site video visits occur with the visitor using the video visit provider’s device at the facility. On-site video visits can be scheduled via the Securus system. On-site video visits are considered no-contact visits and are free.
    • b. Remote video visits occur when a visitor connects to the video visit provider’s system using their personal device, not at the facility. Remote video visits are scheduled by the visitor using their Securus account. The cost is $7.95 per 30 minute visit block.
  4. When participating in a remote video visit, visitors should set up in a location to eliminate the possibility of people in the background (only the approved visitor may be in a video visit).
  5. Visitors will not be reimbursed for remote video visits that are terminated or, visits when the visitor or offender fail to join during their scheduled 30 minute block.
    • Visitors can cancel up to 48 hours prior to visit to receive credit.
  6. If a video visit is cancelled by the department, the visitor will not be charged for the visit. When this occurs, the visitor will receive a notification through the video visit provider’s system.
  7. Visitors can log in 1 minute early and offenders can log in 2 minutes early.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • All visitors must be on the individual’s approved visitor list to participate in a video visit.
  • Visitors must setup a Securus account at and provide their own equipment and the necessary internet connections to participate in remote video visits.
  • Attorney/client confidential visits are not eligible for video visitation; those visits will continue as in-person visits.
  • Offenders who have committed crimes sexual in nature against children cannot participate in video visits with children.


  • Video visits will be scheduled by the approved visitor through Securus’s system at least 72 hours in advance. The system will identify available visiting times. 
  • Remote visits will be scheduled in 30 minute blocks on a first come, first served basis. On-site video visits will be scheduled in 2 hour blocks on a first come, first served basis.
  • Incarcerated individuals will not be excused from work or programming to participate in video visits, and visitors

Conduct & Monitoring

  • Video visits are subject to the same rules as if the visit was occurring in person (e.g. dress code, behavior, language, conduct).
  • All video visits will be recorded, and designated employees will monitor video visits for compliance with policy and facility rules.
  • Video visits may be terminated while in progress for violations or misconduct.
  • A visitor who engages in prohibited conduct may be suspended or terminated from video visiting privileges. Regular visiting privileges may also be suspended or terminated. While a warning may be given as a courtesy for minor violations, warnings are not given to violations that are more significant than nuisance. Allowing an individual who is not an approved visitor to participate in video visiting may also be grounds for suspension.
  • The following actions are also prohibited during video visits and may result in suspension or termination of video visiting privileges::
    • the visitor or offender’s actions including behavior/actions that are sexual in nature or any display of nudity;
    • improper dress of the visitor;
    • use or display, including images, of any weapons, drugs/alcohol, cigarettes/vapor use or related paraphernalia ;
    • any unlawful activity or depiction of unlawful activity;
    • activity or display of graphics/paraphernalia associated with any Security Threat Group (e.g. gang signs)
    • use or display of electronic devices (i.e. cell phones, video games, tablets) during the visit;
    • unacceptable language, cursing, threatening or rude behavior toward staff members or others, or any conduct that is morally offensive to others;
    • violation of the sexual offenders of children visiting guidelines;
    • participation in the visit by another adult, 
    • using an account that does not belong to the visitor,
    • recording the visit,
    • driving while participating in a video visit,
    • failure to follow visitation rules and regulations, and/or
    • any other safety and security concerns.

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