Gardens and Food Donations

Missouri was one of the first states to offer reparative activities in all of its adult institutions. Each offender is given the opportunity to participate while incarcerated.


The Department of Corrections cultivates restorative justice gardens in its institutions. Staff members work with offenders to grow produce. The 2017 growing season yielded more than 133 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables for donation to Missouri food banks, shelters, senior centers, schools and other organizations.

Restorative Justice Gardens

Garden Updates

Crates full of fresh vegetables.

This week Boonville Correctional Center donated 523 pounds of fresh produce to @TheFoodBankMO. Offenders and staff grew the potatoes, cabbage, greens, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, carrots & tomatoes in the facility's Restorative Justice Garden.

β€” MoCorrections (@MoCorrections) July 5, 2018

Men loading boxes of vegetables into a truck.

We're so excited to #feedMORE Missourians! Southeast Correctional Center just gave @semofoodbank 210 pounds of mustard greens grown in the facility’s garden. In May 2018 Restorative Justice Gardening Program participants volunteered 596 hours & donated 400 pounds of produce. πŸ₯—

β€” MoCorrections (@MoCorrections) June 5, 2018

Bins full of strawberries

It's gardening season in DOC facilities! Boonville Correctional Center has donated 60 pounds of fresh strawberries to BoonslickSenior Center. Each year Restorative Justice Gardens yield more than 130 TONS of produce for donation to the community. πŸ˜‹πŸ“ #WeServeMo

β€” MoCorrections(@MoCorrections) June 4, 2018

Plants growing in a garden near a tall fence.

Gardening season is underway! The Restorative Justice garden & raised planters at WERDCC are ready to grow! In 2017 gardens in @MoCorrections facilities produced 133 tons of fresh vegetables & fruits for Missouri food banks, shelters and other organizations.

β€” MoCorrections(@MoCorrections) May 31, 2018