County Reimbursement


Missouri currently has 114 counties and the Missouri Department of Corrections County Reimbursement is responsible for making payments to, and receiving reimbursements from, the state-wide county offices for:

  • Picking up and delivering convicted felons, whether first time offenders or returning offenders, via in-state transportation to the institution or one of the Diagnostic Centers;
  • The net costs in criminal cases; and,
  • Reimbursement of the expenses associated with extradition of fugitives from justice.

There are three different types of County Reimbursement payments. They are:

  • Bill of Costs – These are expenses that accrue as a result of various costs and fees arising out of the prosecution of certain crimes.
  • Extradition – These are expenses that accrue as a result of a fugitive being returned to Missouri to face disposition of criminal charges.
  • Transportation – These are delivery expenses that accrue as a result of convicted offenders being delivered to the department’s Reception and Diagnostic Centers.

All funds used to make these payments are appropriated through legislation. The appropriation amount can be different from year-to-year depending on what has been requested and what has been given final approval by the governor.

Electronic Form

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Bill of Costs Board Rates

Below are the board rates and corresponding dates since 1998.

FROM      TO              RATE

7/1/1998   6/30/2002   $22.50

7/1/2002  6/30/2007    $20.00

7/1/2007  6/30/2008    $21.25

7/1/2008  6/30/2010    $22.00

7/1/2010  9/30/2014    $19.58

10/1/2014  6/30/2015  $21.58

7/1/2015  6/30/2016    $20.58

7/1/2016 6/30/2017     $21.08

7/1/2017  6/30/2018    $22.58

7/1/2018  6/30/2021    $22.58