Healing Community

Fulton Community Supervision Center gets Missouri women on the path to success

In 2017, Missouri had the fastest-growing population of incarcerated women in the United States. Since then, the Missouri Department of Corrections has made it a priority to address the specific needs of women involved in the criminal justice system and to give them the tools they need to stay out of prison. Remodeled and reopened as an all-female facility in February 2019, the Fulton Community Supervision Center provides gender-responsive and trauma-informed techniques to better serve women under supervision in a rehabilitative environment. In a four-phase program tailored to meet each resident’s assessed needs, women tackle employment readiness, behavioral health and life skills.


Improving Lives for Safer Communities

In the Missouri Department of Corrections, we foster public safety, health and wellness. We support victims and give back to people in need. We facilitate treatment, education and job training to equip justice-involved Missourians with the skills they need to contribute to the state’s communities, inside and outside our walls. About 96 percent of people who enter prison return to Missouri cities and towns. We want to make sure they're good neighbors.