Staff in masks and gloves greet visitors at the Algoa visiting room entrance.


Visiting for all offenders in Missouri Department of Corrections facilities, regardless of COVID vaccination status, resumed Oct. 1, 2021.

The department does not require visitors to be vaccinated. However, we strongly encourage all visitors to be vaccinated before visiting to help protect their loved ones and other members of the incarcerated population from COVID-19. All Missourians age 12 and older are eligible for vaccination. Get details at


Restrictions are in place to protect the health and safety of offenders, visitors and staff during the ongoing public health crisis.

  • Visits must be scheduled in advance in accordance with each facility's protocols. Each visitor will be responsible for contacting the facility to schedule the visit.
  • All visitors, staff and offenders are required to wear a face cover or mask while in the visiting area.
  • All visitors must pass a COVID-19 screening with a temperature check prior to entering the check-in area.
  • Visiting rooms operate at 75% capacity.
  • Offenders are allowed no more than two visitors per visit. Infants and children younger than 24 months are not included in the two-person limit.
  • Check with the facility regarding visiting hours.
  • Electrostatic sprayers with vital oxide disinfectant are used to clean visiting rooms before and after each visiting session.

The most important component of reopening visiting and keeping it open is you. If visitors help keep the virus out, visiting can continue. Make smart health decisions. Get vaccinated. Follow social distancing guidelines and other recommendations. Wash your hands. Avoid crowds. Stay home if you are sick. We encourage everyone who plans to visit a loved one to get tested for the virus within seven days of a planned visit. Testing sites are located throughout the state.

The department and offenders’ families and friends are partners in protecting the health and safety of incarcerated Missourians and prison staff. We must all work together to keep everyone safe during this public health crisis.

If you have a loved one in a Missouri Department of Corrections facility, please sign up to receive email or text alerts here. Enter your email address or cell phone number, and select "Family & Friends" in the topics menu.

Standard visiting room rules apply. Please see below.

    Visiting Process and Requirements

    You must be pre-approved to visit

    An offender plays an UNO card game with his young son at a visiting room table.

    Visitor Application
    Visitor Application Instructions

    • Offender will be notified of visiting approval
    • Offender is responsible for notifying the visitor

    Who can apply to visit an offender?

    • Immediate family: spouse or significant other, legal guardian, parents, in-laws, siblings, children, grandparents, great-grandparents, grandchildren, great-grandchildren
    • Extended family: uncles, aunts, cousins
    • Friends
    • Clergy
    • Attorneys

    Be Prepared for Your Visit

    Be familiar with visiting rules, regulations and procedures before you visit. You will be required to follow them.

    • Missouri State Statute 217.360 states that it is a criminal offense for any individual entering a correctional facility to bring in drugs, alcoholic beverages, any article an offender is not permitted to possess or firearm that may be used to endanger the safety and security of the facility, staff or other offenders. Doing so may be a felony and can carry a punishment of up to 15 years in prison.
    hand holding Photo ID card

    Required Identification

    • Adult visitors: valid photo ID, such as current driver’s license or Department of Revenue ID card
    • Visitors age 13-18: a current school photo ID card that includes their name or a valid federal or state government-issued ID card
    Visitors under age 18, unless married to the offender, must be accompanied by an authorized adult visitor.

    Search of Visitors

    Metal detector
    • When you enter prison grounds, you, your packages, your children and your vehicle are subject to search.
    • Metal detectors are used at all facilities.
    • Itemizer: Visitor is given a towelette to wipe their shirt front, pockets and palms of their hands; it is then placed in machine to detect traces of narcotics or explosives.

    Allowed Items

    person in wheelchair icon
    • Coins in clear sandwich bag or transparent plastic pouch for use in vending machines.
    • Specific medical supplies: Medications or medical equipment needed to maintain life, such as nitroglycerin, insulin and insulin supplies, oxygen or asthma inhalers in the original container, only in the necessary dosage for the visiting period. 
      • Notice should be made in advance to the case manager to ensure staff are aware of your needs
      • Notify staff upon your arrival of the need for medication during visitation.
      •  If you have special medical equipment, such as a walker, wheelchair or surgically implanted metal hardware, please provide a physician’s statement. 
      Baby pacifier icon
    • Infant supplies: one clear carry-all, 6 diapers, 1 blanket, 3 clear plastic bottles of prepared infant beverage, 1 clear plastic no-spill toddler cup, 3 unopened vendor containers of baby food, 1 plastic pacifier, teether and/or rattle, 1 small plastic spoon and 1 unopened package of baby wipes.

    Note: Small lockers are available at most institutions to store your purse, wallet or keys. 

    Required Dress Code


    t-shirt icon
    • Tight, transparent or revealing clothing
    • Gang, racial, inappropriate or inflammatory language or symbols
    • Camouflage design
    • Skirts, dresses and shorts shorter than two inches above the top of the kneecap
    • Wrap-around or slit skirts or dresses
    • Holes or slits in pants
    • Shirts, blouses and tops that do not cover the chest, cleavage and stomach or that do not have sleeves that cover the shoulders.
    • Headwear except for verified religious purposes; subject to search


    • Appropriate undergarments and shoes. Undergarments with wire or metal supports are discouraged due to metal detectors.

    couple kissing icon

    Physical Contact Limitations

    • One greeting and departing embrace and brief kiss allowed
    • Holding hands during visit is allowed
    • Children age 6 and under may sit on offender’s lap, unless offender is a sex offender
    • Children should be attended by adult visitor at all times

    map icon

    Plan Your Trip

    Find out when you can visit, and get directions to the facility.

    Visiting is Privilege

    Attention icon

    Visiting can be suspended, terminated or restricted for:

    • Failure to follow visiting rules
    • Refusal to submit to search
    • Use of alcohol or narcotics
    • Inappropriate language
    • Improper dress
    • Presenting risk to the safety and security of the facility, staff, offenders or visitors
    • Participation in illegal activities or violations of Missouri law

    If visiting sanctions are imposed on a visitor, the institution will send a written notice outlining the infraction and sanctions imposed.  A visitor may appeal restrictions in writing to Department of Corrections Central Office at 2729 Plaza Drive, Jefferson City, MO  65109.