Reparation and Restitution

Reparation Boards

Reparation boards, also known as neighborhood accountability boards, are made up of diverse groups of citizens who serve as the face and voice of the community. Board members meet with offenders on a regular basis. Through innovative and creative intervention plans, the offender works to repair the harm to victims and communities.

Restitution and Crime Victim Compensation Fund

Many offenders are ordered by the court to pay financial restitution to their victims as well as payments to the Crime Victim Compensation Fund (CVCF). Probation and Parole Officers monitor the offenders compliance with court-ordered financial obligations. In 2013, Probation and Parole staff held offenders accountable by enforcing the collection of nearly $10.6 million in restitution paid back to victims and more than $590,000 was deposited into the CVCF.