Lockdown at Eastern Reception, Diagnostic & Correctional Center

Eastern Reception, Diagnostic & Correctional Center (ERDCC) in Bonne Terre, Missouri, is on lockdown following an escape attempt by one offender the afternoon of Tuesday, Sept. 1. The offender was apprehended by corrections staff in the course of the attempt and has been secured. The facility remains on lockdown, and an investigation is underway.

Assault & Major Incident Advisories

Weekly advisories summarize assaults on corrections officers and other staff members in the line of duty as well as major disturbances and other significant incidents occurring in Missouri Department of Corrections facilities.

Weekly Advisories

A major assault is defined as:

  • Causing physical injury to another, either with or without a weapon or through the use of any substance, instrument or device, requiring urgent and immediate medical treatment more extensive than mere first aid.

  • Causing a person to come into contact with or throwing or projecting feces or body fluids.

  • Subjecting a staff member without consent to physical contact by kissing or touching the sexual parts.

A minor assault is defined as:

  • Causing non-serious physical injury by striking another, which may result in minor first aid being administered.
  • Using a non-dangerous object or substance; or by any other physically aggressive act.
  • Subjecting a staff member to any physical contact without consent.