Family and Friends

resident and daughter

Incarceration is a difficult time for offenders as well as their family members and friends. During this period of incarceration of a family member or friend, you may have many questions about the rules and regulations governing the operations of the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Constituent Services


The Constituent Services Office provides offenders’ families and friends, legislative offices, and the public with accurate and timely information about offenders as well as department policies, procedures and practices. 

When you contact the Constituent Services Office, please provide the following: offender name, DOC number, and a clear request.



Getting Started



Offender Finance

Probation & Parole

Family and friends play a significant role in the supervision process. The purpose of this information is to assist the family as well as friends of offenders under the supervision of the Missouri Department of Corrections Division of Probation and Parole, to understand the requirements of probation, parole or conditional release supervision. Our hope is for all offenders to successfully complete their period of supervision with guidance from their family, friends, employers, Probation and Parole Officers and others.