The offender canteen is similar to a small convenience store where offenders may purchase items. Basic necessities such as food, soap, toilet tissue, clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, education, medical care and dental supplies are provided by the institution. Offenders may make purchases from the canteen using their state pay and money sent to their account from outside resources. The canteen sells many items including candy, soda, snacks, radios, televisions, toiletries, postage supplies, writing materials, shoes, clothing and other personal items. 

Offenders are authorized to purchase select property items from authorized outside vendors if the item is not sold in the canteen. Note: Do not mail property items to an offender as the items will not be accepted and may be returned to you at the offender’s expense or donated to a local charity. Instead, you may deposit funds to an offender’s account. The offender can then prepare an order and, once verified that it is an allowed item and the funds are available to cover the cost, the order will be processed.

Reading Material

Offenders may purchase reading materials (books, magazines, newspapers, religious materials, and correspondence courses) from a bona fide vendor. Reading materials must meet censorship guidelines and must not exceed $100 in value, threaten safety and security of the institution or exceed property limits. 

Medical Items

Offenders who have prescription clear lens glasses or prescription clear contact lenses sealed in the original packaging at home may have them sent in.  Prescription glasses can only have frames that are functional and in the colors of black, brown, gold, silver/grey, tortoise shell or clear. Frames with characters, stone setting or wrap around style are not permitted. The case for the glasses must be a soft, sleeve style case only. Offenders who have a current prescription for clear lens glasses or prescription clear lens glasses may purchase them from a bona fide vendor or family may

Prescriptions from the Department’s contracted medical provider may be used to purchase clear lens glasses from a bona fide vendor or will be filled by the contracted medical provider.  

Unauthorized/excessive property

There are limits set on the amount of property an offender is allowed due to limited space for storage. If an offender is directed to dispose of unauthorized or excess property, the offender must mail the items out at their own expense, usually within 60 days or they may choose to donate the items to charity or make arrangements for a visitor to pick up the property after a visit. Newly incarcerated offenders who arrive with unauthorized property items will be required to mail the items out within 10 to 30 days, depending upon the facility’s capacity to hold the property. The institution will provide specific information to the offender about timelines for disposal.

Release clothing

If an offender is scheduled for release within 30 days, they may receive one package from home with clothing items and shoes to be worn upon discharge. Please contact the institutional case manager to discuss proper procedures for mailing these items.

Canteen Profits

Profits from the offender canteen are used to support education, recreation and religious programming for the offender population.