Division of Human Services

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Improving our workforce and creating safe work environments are top priorities for the Department of Corrections. With 9,000 staff at more than 90 worksites throughout the state, we’re an employment power house. 

The Division of Human Services recruits, trains and supports a professional and diverse workforce and cultivates a workplace in which safety and wellness are practiced as part of the job. We are dedicated to safety and professionalism, addressing recruitment and onboarding, staff training and development, and employee health and safety. The division aims to improve the work environment of employees, maintain a qualified workforce and improve communication between management and staff.

Employee Expectations

Business Operations

General services is responsible for the purchasing, storage, and distribution of commodity food items to the department’s institutions from two regional warehouses, as well as the operations of cook chill facilities. The section handles construction and maintenance projects within the department and manages central office services such as telecommunications, warehouse functions and fleet management.

Office of Personnel

The Missouri Department of Corrections has a constant, critical need to recruit and retain a dynamic workforce. The Office of Personnel addresses this need by providing department-wide services in recruitment, hiring, and employee maintenance. Qualified professionals looking for a challenging career should take a serious look at the Missouri Department of Corrections. Our team is making a difference every day.

Employment Opportunities

Talent Management

Talent Management encompasses all aspects of the Corrections Way (TCW), including adjunct trainers, ambassadors and supervisory specialists.  The following tools/concepts taught in TCW are the building blocks in developing our foundation for developing our leadership skills:   

  • Communication Styles
  • Value Premise
  • Effective Feedback
  • Quality Conversations/De-escalation
  • Growth Model

The Corrections Way

Training and Employee Development

The Training Academy develops, coordinates, and delivers pre-service, in-service, and management/supervisory training to staff in each of the department's divisions. Regional Training Academies are operated in Farmington, Jefferson City, and Saint Joseph. The academy promotes the personal growth, professional development, and imparts the departmental vision to all staff members to help them achieve the short and long term goals of the agency.

Employee Health, Wellness, and Safety

This section addresses job-related health and safety concerns with focus on control of communicable and infectious diseases.