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Justice Reinvestment

Missouri has the nation's eighth-highest adult incarceration rate and second-fastest-growing female prison population. Our correctional facilities are over capacity and projected to continue growing. The Missouri State Justice Reinvestment Task Force, created by Governor Eric Greitens, is working to address factors contributing to the crisis, such as an uptick in violent crime and insufficient behavioral health treatment, while strengthening public safety and helping avert the need to build two new prisons at a cost of nearly $500 million. Proposed legislation, Senate Bill 966 and House Bill 2397, stands as the culmination of a comprehensive, data-driven review of Missouri's criminal justice system. The Council of State Governments shares the latest developments.

The Corrections Way

In partnership with the Carden Group, the Missouri Department of Corrections has developed a new way forward for improving our workplace culture, known as the Corrections Way. Leaders across the department take part in supervisor development workshops designed to help change our everyday environment in positive ways. Building trust and cultivating positive working relationships improve safety for offenders, for staff and for Missourians.

Opioid Crisis Response

Combating the opioids crisis is a top priority for Missouri state government. The Missouri Department of Corrections is working with sister state agencies, local health departments, hospitals, law enforcement and other partners to fight this modern plague. Education for staff, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for offenders, outreach to high-risk communities and the dispersal of Narcan in DOC institutions and Probation and Parole facilities help pave the way forward. Find out about MODOC opioid efforts. Learn more about Missouri's statewide approach.

Strategic Plan

The Missouri Department of Corrections aims to improve lives for safer communities. By implementing a series of strategic initiatives, the department is fostering safe work environments, improving the workforce and reducing risk and recidivism. Learn more about our Strategic Plan.