Tobacco-Free Initiative

MODOC Tobacco Free Initiative

MODOC Is Tobacco-Free

As of April 1, 2018, all Missouri Department of Corrections facilities are tobacco-free.

We're making our institution, our offices and our communities healthier places to live and work.

The New Rules

Quit Smoking Calendar

In compliance with a court order, the Department of Corrections has agreed to implement a policy banning the sale, possession and use of all tobacco products within the perimeter of each DOC institution — including outdoor areas — as well as inside all buildings and vehicles owned or leased by the department.

The policy applies to everyone: staff, volunteers, contracted staff, visitors, clients and offenders. It applies to all tobacco products: cigarettes, cigars, loose tobacco, e-cigarettes, vaping devices, chewing tobacco and any other tobacco-containing substance.

A designated smoking area is available for use by employees and visitors outside the perimeter of all department facilities and buildings, as required by state statute.

The ban does not apply to private vehicles and parking lots.

The Cost of Tobacco

Tobacco use costs lives and money.

  • The adult smoking rate in Missouri, 22.1 percent, is among the highest in the United States.
  • Every year, almost 10,000 Missourians die from tobacco-related diseases.
  • Missouri spends almost $2 billion annually to treat smoking-related illnesses.
  • Secondhand smoke causes an average of 1,150 deaths in Missouri annually.
  • Wallet Hub estimates that smoking costs a Missourian $1.2 million over a lifetime, in out-of-pocket expenses, health care, loss of income and other costs.

Learn more about how tobacco affects Missourians.

How to Quit

Breaking the Cigarette Habit

Are you ready to quit tobacco? You don't have to do it alone. We have tips and programs to help you kick the habit.

For state employees, the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan (MCHCP) provides the 

 to help you prepare to quit, formulate a plan, navigate obstacles, manage cravings and get past withdrawal. Download it today, or pick up a copy at work.

Tobacco Control Resources

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

For employees who want to quit, MCHCP also offers nicotine replacement therapy products at no cost. For offenders, nicotine replacement therapy products are available for sale at institution canteens.

Employee Health Insurance Incentive

If you choose to quit tobacco, you can save money on insurance. The Tobacco-Free Incentive of $40 per month per person is available to Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan (MCHCP) members and dependents. Qualifying members must be non-Medicare subscribers enrolled in an MCHCP medical plan without the TRICARE Supplement Plan.

Tobacco Policy

To promote the health, safety and welfare of staff members, offenders and visitors, the sale, possession and use of all tobacco products and electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are prohibited in all department facilities, except in designated smoking areas. Visitors may use designated smoking areas but are prohibited from bringing tobacco products, tobacco product accessories, e-cigarettes or e-cigarette accessories into department facilities. All tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and vaping devices, are contraband. A conduct violation will be issued to any offender found in possession of tobacco or tobacco products.