About the Parole Hearing Process

The Missouri Parole Board schedules parole hearings based on the length of the offender's sentence. If the victim has questions about the sentence structure of the offender, Victim Services staff can arrange for the victim to talk to a parole analyst.

A parole eligibility hearing does not mean an offender automatically will be released. As a result of a parole hearing the offender may be scheduled for another hearing in one to five years or the offender may be scheduled for a future release date.

Parole hearings are a way for the board to meet with the offender, review the offense and discuss with the offender what the Board expects from the offender before release occurs. At the hearing, the board will review the offender's institutional conduct and adjustment, programs the offender has completed, programs the offender needs to complete and any other issues the Board thinks is relevant.

Victims of the offender may appear at the hearing to give a statement to the hearing panel. The statement may be made with the offender present or not, depending upon what the victim wants.

If victims chose not to attend the parole hearing, information may be provided to the Board in the following ways:

  • A written statement
  • Telephone call to the board member convening the hearing
  • Audio recording
  • Video recording
  • Personal meeting with a board member

If a victim wants information about institutional behavior, programs, treatment etc, they must attend the hearing. The above information is considered confidential by law and cannot be disclosed to anyone, which is why the victim can only obtain the information at the hearing.

Information from victims does not have to be submitted at the time of the hearing. Victims may submit information in advance of the hearing for the Board's consideration at the time of the hearing.

If, as a victim, you do not receive notification of the hearing, you can still provide a statement to the Board in any of the ways listed above. The Board is always willing to consider new information.

Once the hearing has been held it takes approximately 8-12 weeks for the Board to make a decision.

For further information about the Parole Hearing Process please contact one of the Victim Services Staff at 573-526-6516 or e-mail us at victims@doc.mo.gov