Shoutout to Personnel Clubs

Message to Staff: April 17, 2018

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to give a special SHOUT OUT of THANKS to all of you who are Personnel Club Officers! You are the “Spirit” award recipients in our world. I appreciate that you are always doing something to raise money and create awareness for great things. You ensure important recognition days and events don’t go unnoticed and you have fun highlighting other events or days. I am always proud to brag to the Cabinet, that our Personnel Clubs are very successful in DOC!!!

I’m sure being a Personnel Club Officer you know it is a job that few want and at times you may feel unappreciated…but know this…I am repeatedly  impressed with the commitment you make and the support our employees give their Personnel Clubs!!

You do great things for all of us and I just wanted to say “Thank you”!!!!!

Anne L. Precythe

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