Pay Plan Update: So Far, So Good

Message to Staff: March 12, 2019

Dear Corrections Family:

I have exciting and promising news about the proposed Missouri Department of Corrections pay plan. Announced with the full support of Governor Parson during the January State of the State address, the plan calls for a 3% salary increase for all state workers, plus an additional and ongoing 1% increase for every two years of continuous service, up to 20 years, for all non-executive MODOC staff — the largest increase in department history.

Since the plan was announced, my team and I have, so far, held more than 100 individual meetings with members of the General Assembly and have made two budget committee presentations to garner their support. We continue to tell them how serious your work is and how important this pay plan is to our MODOC family.

In February, I sent you an update from the Subcommittee on House Appropriations meeting. This was the first opportunity for the legislature to alter the plan, and NO CHANGES were made. Good news.

I am pleased to report that last week the Chairman of the full House Budget Committee presented his version of the budget, which is, essentially, the Governor’s recommended budget altered to reflect the chairman’s recommendations. There were NO CHANGES to the pay plan in his version. Really good news.

Last night, the full House Budget Committee met for what is called “house markup.” This is when any member of the House Budget Committee can propose changes to the budget in any department — another opportunity to alter the pay plan. I am SO happy to let you know that, once again, NO CHANGES were made to the pay plan! Even better news!! Our pay plan is nearly through the House of Representatives, and it remains exactly as we structured it. We appreciate the support from the House Budget Committee. We couldn’t be more excited about the progress. So far, so good.

My team and I remain focused on getting this plan across the finish line! I am asking you to put your trust in us and not let any distractions turn your attention away from the positive momentum that we have going. Remember, it takes all of us to make the Missouri Department of Corrections the best place to work. Thank you for doing your part. Please continue to be professional, positive and, most important, safe.

Anne L. Precythe

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