Monthly Assault & Major Incident Summaries

February 2019

In February 2019, offender-on-staff assaults occurred in Missouri adult institutions at a rate of 1.1 assaults per 100 offenders. During the month, 52.5% of assaults on staff were committed by offenders with diagnosed mental health conditions, and 35.8 percent were committed by offenders in administrative segregation.

List of assaults committed in February 2019

A major assault is defined as:

  • Causing physical injury to another, either with or without a weapon or through the use of any substance, instrument or device, requiring urgent and immediate medical treatment more extensive than mere first aid.

  • Causing a person to come into contact with or throwing or projecting feces or body fluids.

  • Subjecting a staff member without consent to physical contact by kissing or touching the sexual parts.

A minor assault is defined as:

  • Causing non-serious physical injury by striking another, which may result in minor first aid being administered.
  • Using a non-dangerous object or substance; or by any other physically aggressive act.
  • Subjecting a staff member to any physical contact without consent.

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