Frontline Staff

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Employee Expectations
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(Employees who do not supervise other employees)

We value our employees and respecting others.

  1. All employees of the department are expected to maintain professionalism during the performance of their duties, and to treat all co-workers, all members of the general public, and all persons under the supervision of the department with dignity, courtesy, and respect, recognizing the diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and beliefs of all those with whom they conduct business. 
  2. Employees are expected to conduct their personal life in a manner that displays the highest professional standard and does not reflect negatively on the department.
  3. Employees are expected to strictly comply with the department’s prohibitions against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, and to report any such behavior or actions immediately through the proper chain of command or the Office of Professional Standards. 
  4. Employees represent our department in digital as well as physical spaces. When posting public comments on the official social media accounts of the Missouri Department of Corrections, employees must conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity. Employees are also expected to use other social media responsibly when identifying themselves, either through words or pictures, as employees of the Department of Corrections.

We value integrity and teamwork.

  1. Department employees are expected to be knowledgeable of and comply with all departmental procedures, Employee Handbook, Code of Conduct, and local, state and federal laws.
  2. Employees are expected to carry out all lawful instructions of designated supervisors and to report instructions not consistent with the law to proper authorities.
  3. Employees are expected to immediately report any misconduct or mismanagement through the appropriate chain of command or to the department’s Office of Professional Standards.
  4. Employees are expected to approach their duties with a positive attitude and constructively support open communication, dedication, and compassion in the work place.
  5. Employees will maintain the integrity of private information and will neither seek personal data beyond that needed to perform their duties, nor reveal any information to anyone not having authorization for use of such.

We value the participation of all employees.

  1. Employees are expected to apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities to the job for which they are compensated.
  2. Employees are expected to support the department’s mission, vision, and strategic plan. Our aspiration is to improve lives for safer communities by providing a safe work environment, improving our workforce, and reducing risk and recidivism. 
  3. Employees are expected to minimize unscheduled absences and arrive at work on time and ready to work, and to notify supervisors in a timely manner when they must be absent from work.
  4. Employees are expected to participate in monthly ENGAGE meetings with their supervisors.