By what authority is the Intervention Fee collected?

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Intervention Fee
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The Intervention Fee statute change, 217.690.3, RSMo, which became law in July 2005, reads as follows:

  • The board has discretionary authority to require the payment of a fee, not to exceed sixty dollars per month, from every offender placed under board supervision on probation, parole, or conditional release, to waive all or part of any fee, to sanction offenders for willful nonpayment of fees, and to contract with a private entity for fee collections services.

  • All fees collected shall be deposited in the inmate fund established in section 217.430.

  • Fees collected may be used to pay the costs of contracted collections services.

  • The fees collected may otherwise be used to provide community corrections and¬†intervention services for offenders. Such services include substance abuse assessment and treatment, mental health assessment and treatment, electronic monitoring services, residential facilities services, employment placement services, and other offender community corrections or intervention services designated by the board to assist offenders to successfully complete probation, parole, or conditional release.

  • The board shall adopt rules not inconsistent with law, in accordance with section 217.040, with respect to sanctioning offenders and with respect to establishing, waiving, collecting, and using fees.