Pay Plan Update: House of Representatives

Message to Staff: March 29, 2019 

Dear Corrections Family:

I want to pass along more good news about the proposed Missouri Department of Corrections pay plan.  As a quick reminder, the plan developed by the DOC and supported by Governor Parson calls for a 3% salary increase for all state workers, plus an additional and ongoing 1% increase for every two years of continuous service, up to 20 years, for all non-executive DOC staff. It’s the biggest pay plan the DOC has ever received.

I have been providing updates as the pay plan makes its way through the process. The update in February can be found here and the update in March can be found here .

My last two updates were to inform you of the progress of the pay plan as it makes its way through the House of Representatives.  I am very pleased to tell you the pay plan was voted out of the House on Thursday, March 28 with no changes! This is incredible news, and we are very thankful to the House of Representatives and their leadership for supporting the DOC! Now, the plan moves over to the Senate for their review. As I mentioned last time, my team and I are very focused on getting this plan across the finish line. With the support of the House, we are one very big step closer!

Thank you for all that you do to keep each other safe and to make this Department a success. Please keep doing your part in making your workplace the best it can be.

Anne L. Precythe

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