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The Potency of Faith in The Corrections Module

Chapel Interior

As humans are complex multi-faceted beings, so, too, are their needs when seeking out value, significance, and worth. They are more than the object of a program or the tool of a new initiative. There must be more than conformity and robotic compliance to those who have more power. So it is with the incarcerated person. Many are accustomed to "going along in order to get along". This perspective only works until the price for non-compliance is eclipsed by the delicious fruit of self-gratification. With this perspective, no price is too high, no level too low. Many times not even personal shame, loss of one’s family, one’s marriage or the return to prison can deter this self-destructive behavior. There is an answer!

Instead of changing the direction by sheer will, the entire "operations mechanism" must be replaced. This is where the faith component comes into play. Many offenders are eager to re-evaluate faith principals because they realize their self-seeking strategy has failed. Chapel programs challenge offenders to address the spiritual issues deep inside that they have ignored or denied. The faith community can assist in providing the element of spirituality during and even after incarceration.

Volunteer Opportunities


Chapel Office, Yard, Housing Units, Altar Worker, Visiting Room, Staff Offices

Group Leadership

Study & Discussion Groups, Seminars, Inmate Volunteer projects, Preach, Teach, Supervise, Support, Coordinate or Recruit Other Volunteers

Music Ministry

Instrumental, Vocal (choir, quartets, solos, duets, etc), Special Programs (concerts, holiday events, etc)

Drama Ministry

Skits, Plays, Special Dramatic Programs

Clerical Ministry

Typing, Filing, Data Entry, Copying, Phone, Errands, Purchasing, General Office Supervision

Presence/Mentoring Ministry

Moral Support, Food Visits, Family Outreach, Accountability, Pen-pal Ministry, Offender group Supervision

Donor Ministry

Donation of items, not available by way of institutional funding, which would be donated to the chapel for processing

Aftercare/Reentry (ex-offender/parolee)

Outside Faith Community Support, employment support, transportation, housing, budgeting, parenting, marriage support, personal faith and accountability

Institutional Staff Outreach

Staff Chaplaincy, Counseling, Faith-based Seminars, General Support, Special Recognition/Appreciation

Steps to becoming a Volunteer in Corrections (VIC) 

  1. Contact the Chaplain to match your interests and skill sets with chapel needs.
  2. Complete a Volunteer/Intern application from the Department of Corrections. The application is available at: 
  3. Include a letter of reference from your sponsoring outside religious organization with the application.
  4. The application and reference letter should be sent to the institution where you wish to serve. The Institutional Activity Coordinator (IAC) in cooperation with the Chaplain will review the application, conduct a background check and contact you for an interview.
  5. If approved, you will be scheduled to attend a one day volunteer training at one of the DOC training center facilities located in Jefferson City, St. Joseph or Farmington.
  6. After successful completion, you will be issued a VIC ID card, screened for Tuberculosis, and provided orientation to the facility. You will be expected to provide regular services during the year as scheduled, remain compliant with TB testing and complete six hours of in-service training per year.

Questions about this process or volunteering can be directed to:

Volunteer/Intern Coordinator

2729 Plaza Drive

Jefferson City, MO 65109

Phone: 573-526-6491

Possible Donation Ideas

All donations must receive prior approval from the Chaplain.

  • Worship service bulletins
  • Religious magazine subscriptions
  • Religious fiction books
  • Religious tracts, pamphlets
  • Inexpensive devotional type books
  • Wall calendars (inspirational/religious)
  • Sacred texts
  • Pocket calendars
  • New or nearly new musical equipment
  • Approved, consumable ritual items for holy day observances (Seder plates, Ramadan dates, etc.)
Religious/Spiritual Programming Mission-Vision-Values

Fully Accommodated Religions

  • Al-Islam/ Muslim
  • Buddhism
  • Christian - General
  • Christian - Roman Catholic
  • Judaism
  • Messianic
  • Moorish Science Temple of America
  • Nation of Islam
  • Native American Spirituality
  • Wicca

Note: Other faiths are accommodated on a solitary practice level. 

Contact us:

Religious/Spiritual Programming

P.O. Box 236

Jefferson City, Mo. 65102

Phone: 573-526-6489

FAX: 573-751-4099

Download this information as a printable brochure: