Community Supervision Centers (CSCs)

Targeting 124 people in CSCs

Community Supervision Centers

As part of our effort to help Missourians succeed on probation or parole, our Community supervision centers (CSCs) have transitioned to the CSC Repurpose Model. 

The four-phase model targets high-risk clients who need intensive programming in several areas and who are at risk of revocation. It focuses on incentives and sanctions as clients complete each of the four phases, with the referring Probation and Parole officer supervising the client while he or she is a CSC resident. 

Programs are targeted to each client’s assessed needs. Clients must complete core programming components before they can receive passes into the community for employment or other purposes.

Community Supervision Center Locations

  • District 23, Kennett
  • District 12, Farmington
  • District 25, Poplar Bluff
  • District 1, St. Joseph
  • District 3, Hannibal
  • District 26, Fulton

The District 26 CSC is an all-female facility that focuses on gender-responsive and trauma-informed approaches to program delivery.

Fulton Community Supervision Center for Women