Disturbance at Moberly Correctional Center

On Monday, April 6, a disturbance occurred inside a housing unit at Moberly Correctional Center. An offender inside the unit repeatedly banged on a rotunda door, and when a staff member opened it, the offender assaulted the staff member, punching him in the head and face. Two other staff members responded, and other offenders became involved in a scuffle before the door was secured. Subsequently, offenders inside the housing unit began to throw footlockers and other items, damaging two windows and two security cameras. Staff regained the control of the unit, and the six offenders involved were secured. Staff members saw on-site medical professionals for cleaning of scratches, scrapes and bruises. No one required outside medical attention. Conduct violations were issued for this incident. Any assault or property destruction may be referred for isolation.

Assault & Major Incident Advisories

Weekly advisories summarize assaults on corrections officers and other staff members in the line of duty as well as major disturbances and other significant incidents occurring in Missouri Department of Corrections facilities.

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A major assault is defined as:

  • Causing physical injury to another, either with or without a weapon or through the use of any substance, instrument or device, requiring urgent and immediate medical treatment more extensive than mere first aid.

  • Causing a person to come into contact with or throwing or projecting feces or body fluids.

  • Subjecting a staff member without consent to physical contact by kissing or touching the sexual parts.

A minor assault is defined as:

  • Causing non-serious physical injury by striking another, which may result in minor first aid being administered.
  • Using a non-dangerous object or substance; or by any other physically aggressive act.
  • Subjecting a staff member to any physical contact without consent.