COVID-19 Data

COVID-19 Data


List of covid cases by facility

  • Active Inmate Cases: 368
  • Active Prison Staff Cases: 237
  • Active Non-Prison Staff Cases: 110

Tests Performed

  • 127,902

Offenders Vaccinated

  • 17,204
  • Boosters: 4,125


  • Offenders: 51
  • Staff: 13

COVID-19 Testing

The Department of Corrections employs multiple COVID-19 testing strategies:

  • symptomatic
  • contact
  • intake
  • pre-release
  • pre-transfer
  • procedural
  • boxed-in
  • at-risk
  • follow-up
  • outcount-return
  • court return
  • mass testing
  • sample testing
  • wastewater testing

In early March, the Department of Corrections began COVID-19 testing of offenders who exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 or may had contact with an infected person, following Centers for Disease Control & Prevention guidelines. Offenders are quarantined pending test results. This testing continues at all facilities.

Testing of all offenders on intake, when first entering the prison system, and pre-release, before leaving the prison system, began June 1, 2020. This testing continues at all facilities.

Testing all offenders and staff in a housing unit or other contained area, known as boxed-in testing, is conducted any time an outbreak is suspected. This testing continues at all facilities.

Mass testing of all offenders and staff at all facilities — regardless of symptoms or the presence of known cases — took place May 26 through Aug. 13, 2020. 

Sample testing, or surveillance testing of a random 10% of the population of each facility, began Aug. 10, 2020 and continues at facilities throughout the state.

Wastewater testing, which entails sampling and analyzing facility wastewater for the presence of the virus, helps us to anticipate and contain a potential outbreak. This testing continues at all facilities.

Post-Test Procedures

  • Offenders who test positive for COVID-19 are isolated until they test negative.
  • Facility staff who test positive are sent home on leave until they have recovered.
  • All staff who have close contact with a positive are sent home for quarantine in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

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