COVID-19 Data

Since April 1, 2022, Missouri state government has shifted from a crisis-phase strategy to an endemic-phase strategy in response to COVID-19, with public health professionals now managing the virus like other transmittable diseases. As of May 23, 2022, the Missouri Department of Corrections has ceased regular collecting and publishing of COVID-19 case data.

However, the department continues to take measures to monitor the virus in our facilities and mitigate its effects on our population. These measures include:

  • COVID vaccinations and booster shots available to all offenders;
  • Statewide monitoring of COVID virus levels in the wastewater at MODOC facilities — our most accurate and effective tool for anticipating and containing a future outbreak;
  • COVID testing for all offenders on intake, when returning from outcount, and when symptoms are present;
  • Surveillance testing, boxed-in testing and close-contact testing, if needed;
  • Available quarantine and isolation space.

The department maintains a supply of tests, vaccines and personal protective equipment and is prepared to implement appropriate additional safety protocols if needed.