COVID-19 Data

COVID-19 Data

COVID-19 Testing

On March 12, the Department of Corrections began COVID-19 testing of offenders who exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 or had been exposed to the virus, following Centers for Disease Control & Prevention guidelines. Offenders are quarantined pending test results. This testing continues at all facilities. 

Testing of all offenders on intake and before release began June 1. This testing continues at all facilities.

Mass testing, or sentinel testing, of offenders and staff at all facilities — regardless of symptoms or the presence of known cases — began May 26. This testing has revealed asymptomatic positives, as reflected in the data.

Offenders who test positive are isolated until they test negative. Staff who test positive are sent home on leave and must test negative twice before returning to work. All staff who have close contact with a positive are sent home for two weeks of quarantine. 


since March 2020

List of covid-19 cases by facility

*Mass testing of offenders and staff completed.

  • Total Active Cases (inmates and staff): 190
  • Total Recovered (inmates and staff): 151

Inmates Tested

  • 15,807


  • Offenders: 1
  • Staff: 0

Non-Prison Staff Cases: 10

  • Active Cases: 4
  • Recovered: 6

All protocols are followed to minimize exposure. When a staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the results are shared with people in the affected locations first, and then all staff are notified. 

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