Crossroads Correctional Center Updates - Sept. 4, 2018

Sept. 4, 2018

Crossroads Correctional Center has begun the next stage of the stepdown process from the current modified lockdown to normal activity

Recent Updates

Aug. 9. The facility began holding limited visits for offenders four days a week, Thursday through Sunday, with three shifts per day. So far, more than 200 offenders have seen visitors.

Aug. 25: Additional cleaning supplies were allocated to offenders, supplementing the cleaning cloths and cleansers that have been distributed since early June.

Aug. 30: A second out-of-cell time was added to the schedule. Offenders how have two daily 30-minute periods of out-of-cell time for phone calls, showers and other activities.

Sept. 4: Limited hot meal service begins. Offenders and staff are served a hot lunch daily. Sack lunches, prepared on site with fresh ingredients, will continue to be served for the morning and evening meals.   

An offender council meeting is scheduled for Sept. 13.

The number of offender workers performing their regular job duties has increased. Offenders are working in food service, Missouri Vocational Enterprises, the canteen, clothing issue, maintenance, plumbing, medical units, housing units, showers, hospice care and visiting.

Continuing Services and Activities

  • Daily phone calls
  • Mail service
  • Daily showers
  • Canteen items
  • Scheduled health care appointments
  • Medications
  • Mental health services
  • Scheduled chaplain appointments
  • Religious materials
  • Law library materials
  • Books and personal items
  • Attorney visits and phone calls
  • Laundry service
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Ice

Please see the operational step down plan for a full schedule and time line.

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