Jefferson City Correctional Center (JCCC)

January 2020

New Team Members

January 6, 2020

Cody Branch-COI

Monica Smith-Cook II

Alana Thornton-OSA

Dornubari Ajinwo-COI

Jason Justis-COI

Kory Michael-COI

Joseph Worthen-COI

Elijah Jones-COI

Kayla Wagner-OSA

January 21, 2020

Brittany Cunningham-OSA

Jarrett Williams-COI

Michael Ashley-COI

Roger Roach-COI

Town Hall Report

At each meeting we first asked staff present if they had any questions for us. We then advised all staff of updates we had regarding the following:

Update on timeclock: FRDC and CTCC are testing the system. Changes are being made based on feedback. No implementation date right now.

JPay behavior incentives-Central office staff is still working with JPay and they are still working on configuration and training. No completion date yet.

ORAS is going well. Classification staff are working hard on having all ORAS assessments completed by the end of Jan.

Training for Engage 2.0 is coming in the next month or so. Supervisors will have quarterly meetings with their staff in addition to the monthly engage and annual reflect meetings already taking place. The Engage 2.0 will have set questions to be answered. We will all know more after the training.

Reminder: our Corrections Way Ambassadors are Sgt. Galbreath, Lt. Cahalin, Sgt. Kurgas, MVE James Cain and Paul Blakemore. Billy Dunbar is a CW adjunct trainer.

7:30am: 0

3:00 pm: 2 attendees plus Lt., Capt. and administration

3:30 pm:  2 attendees plus  Lt., Capt. and administration

4:00 pm:  5 attendees plus  Lt., Capt. and administration

Important Dates

Town Hall Meetings:


*7:30 A.M. – Major’s Conference Room

*3:00 P.M. – Major’s Conference Room

*3:30 P.M. – Major’s Conference Room

*4:00 P.M. – Major’s Conference Room

EOM Kelly Ann Lindesmith
EOM Kelly Ann Lindesmith

September 2019

Employee of the Month

CO I Kelly Ann Lindesmith

Awards & Recognition

The Lifesaver Award was presented to the following individuals during a ceremony held on Sept. 23, 2019. The LIfesaver Award honors staff members for their extraordinary actions to save the life of another person. 

LPN Taylor Sentman

CO I Kyle Chester

LIfesaver Award
LIfesaver Award

CO I Mark Ausley

New Team Members

Kenneth Shelton-CO I

Edith Opara-CO I

Tyler Durre-CO I

Misha Harvey-CO I

Alex Stanton-CO I

Mason Pierce-CO I


Lifesaver Award
Lifesaver Award

CO I Thaddeus Johnson-24 years

CO I David Jones-25 years

Town Hall Report

September 26, 2019

At each meeting we first asked staff present if they had any questions for us. We then advised all staff of updates we had regarding the following:

Billy Dunbar and Renee Willis are our Corrections Way adjunct trainers. Sgt. Galbreath and Lt. Cahalin are our Ambassadors. Look for some training in the near future. This will help all staff with the tools which include better communication skills. We should all be living this everyday.

Pulse survey-if you completed it thank you. If you didn’t please do next time. This is your opportunity to speak up about areas of concern and/or what is working well. The Administration is very interested in hearing your opinion and the Director was very pleased with the numbers and results of the last one.

Make sure you and your staff are having meaningful engage meetings. Also that you are receiving them. If your supervisor isn’t meeting with you let them know you want that to happen. If it doesn’t let their supervisor know. Also, ensure you are marking them as complete in the electronic engage system. 

Uniforms-dept. wide new custody uniforms should be handed out by the end of the year. Ensure you are wearing the entire staff issued uniform according to policy. No new alternate uniforms should be approved for maintenance or food service at the institutional level.

Jpay incentives. Jpay’s system is slow and if movies are added may not be able to handle the additional demand. Melissa Scheulen is still working with the company to correct the issues.

Electronic time keeping for custody and food service staff. Time clocks are being installed and this should be completed by Oct. 5th. They will not yet be working. CTCC will be conducting the pilot but we do not have dates for that.

7:30am: 9 attendees plus administration

Earrings? Shifts are not being consistent with following policy as to what can be worn. Major will remind shift supervisors to follow policy and be consistent.

Airlock clearance folder needs kept up to date. Admin will assign the clerical support from the DWO office to keep this file up to date.

Do we know who the new Captains are?  Interviews have been held and staff will get a notification when these positions are awarded.

Shifts need to be consistent in regards to things like the dining room movement and other rules. Major will discuss this with all shifts but please remember, all shifts are not exactly the same so will not all run exactly the same. What works on one shift may not on another.

Morning shift expressed appreciation for helping reduce their need for overtime.

Lots of questions regarding the new Time Clock and we will have to wait for the pilot to be run to get all the answers.

3:00 pm: 10 attendees plus administration

Uniform hats don’t fit right. They aren’t deep enough and the material is very hot. We will share this information with MVE. They may have already been made aware of this but we will let them know.

JCCC RJ garden
JCCC RJ garden

Questions about using annual and comp in lieu of sick? If staff call in they either use sick or are AWOL. Comp and annual will not be used in lieu of sick for unscheduled time off. If someone calls and asks if they can have the day off it is up to the shift supervisor to determine if staffing allows for them to take a vacation day and if allowed annual or comp may be used.

Diet bags in food service. The list for offenders who should receive diet bags isn’t updated regularly and food service staff will not give the diet

bag if the offender isn’t on the list. Mr. Mahaney is working on a way to get this information every time we receive offenders. This should fix the problem.

Lots of questions regarding the new Time Clock and we will have to wait for the pilot to be run to get all the answers.

3:30 pm: 11 attendees plus administration

Questions came up regarding the new ORAS assessment. Classification asked if overtime would be approved to meet the time requirements to get these done. Admin discussed this afterwords and overtime will not be approved at this time. There are other areas of the institution that have been approved for conducting these meetings to allow for privacy and to be away from the unit and the phones. Hopefully this will help expedite getting the assessments done timely.

P4P dog Diesel
P4P dog Diesel

4:00 pm: 2 attendees plus administration

Success Story

Restorative Justice garden yield

Puppy Pic

Diesel is a blue heeler/ German shepherd mix who came to the program with no training. He loved to jump, mouth and had no manners what so ever. During his third week in the program Diesel became sick and started bleeding from his gums. He was returned to the shelter so test could be run. When Diesel was brought back to the institution he acted like a brand new dog. Realizing how toy driven Diesel is, his handlers have been able to harness his energy. Where treats wouldn’t work, toys have excelled in teaching Diesel to be a polite dog.


April 2019

Crime Victims' Celebration
Crime Victims' Celebration

17th Annual Victims' Rights Celebration

On April 14, JCCC Restorative Justice held the 17th Annual Victims’ Rights Celebration to end the National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, which was April 7-13. The Celebration was held in the Education building and was a wonderful success. Thirteen guests from all over Missouri included participants of Missouri Missing and the Parents of Murdered Children Organizations.These families of victims came together with the Offenders who participate in Restorative Justice to discuss the events of their lives and share photos of their loved ones. The Offenders presented gifts of quilts to the visitors, wrote poems and gave speeches about how their lives have changed since beginning their journey in Restorative Justice. It was a wonderful event that was enjoyed by everyone.

Distinguished Service Award Ross
Distinguished Service Award Aaron Ross

Ross receives Distinguished Service Award

On April 30, Major Myles Strid awarded CO I Aaron Ross with the Distinguished Service Award at JCCC. Aaron was nominated by current CO III Kenya Myers for her keen eye and vigilance that alerted to her to the fact that offenders modified their cell in a way that compromised security. 

Employee of the Month

OSA Sarah Wright

Office Support Assistant Sarah Wright was selected as the April 2019 Employee of the Month. Sarah was recognized for her hard work and dedication in creating a process for the JPay Censored Emails.  In addition to her regular duties, Sarah went above and beyond to find a way to make the notification process for censored emails quicker and to keep the information logged and organized.

Sarah Wright JCCC April EOM
Sarah Wright JCCC April EOM

Awards & Recognition

Corrections Officer I Mark Metcalf was recognized as the April 2019 recipient of the Dedication, Commitment, and Pride (DCP) Award. On Feb. 15, Mark showed incredible Dedication, Commitment and Pride when he volunteered to work 24 hours straight when all three shifts were low on staff members because of a winter storm. Mark went above and beyond what was asked of him that day to help out all three shifts.

New Team Members

April 1

CO I Babatope Ojo

CO I Ashley Harris

April 15

CO I Adewale Oliaya

CO I Christopher Bader

Cook II Gary Westbrook

April 29

CO I Everette Dowining

CO I Debra Hunziker

CO I Arian Bibbs


Caleb Cross – CO II

Jeremy Epps – CO II

John Durbin – CO II

Timothy Bade - CO II


Wanda Sharp

James Sharp

John Petri

Classification Staff Moves

Randy Owens transferred from the Employee Conduct Unit to JCCC as Institutional Investigator.