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EOM Rhonda Brown
EOM Rhonda Brown

September 2020

Employee of the Month

OSA Rhonda Brown

OSA Rhonda Brown was chosen as the September 2020 Employee of the Month. OSA Rhonda Brown is the glue that holds all of the activities of the Food Service department together.  She stays on top of all job assignments, tracks CRD, staff time, etc.  When Food Service had to change how they tracked offender workers and how the shifts were assigned Ms. Brown took it upon herself to create and coordinate the steps in the planning, implementation, and follow up of this change so it would go smoothly. Ms. Brown is the official face of Food Service.  She performs all initial needs assessments of offender works and follows up to make sure the names get to the right person so they can be assigned to Food Service so the department has offender workers. Ms. Brown shows herself to be an excellent staff member and a fine example of the great staff that we have here at our institution.

Awards & Recognition

TRISH HENTON- Laundry Manager takes such pride in her area and it shows.  She is very aware of the attention to detail one needs to have in order to keep our institution’s laundry department up and running.  You want to know something about the machines or the maintenance upkeep… ask, she is extremely knowledgeable.  Organization and time management skills, she has.  Thank you, Ms. Henton.

CARLA HUFFMAN- Supply Manager has roared in like a lion and completely performed tornado like action throughout the warehouse.  She has cleaned up, cleared out, reorganized, and surplus items generating funds for the department.  Items can be easily found and utilized.  Thank you, Ms. Huffman.

CHERYL KNAPP - Storekeeper I has vast working knowledge and experience in Canteen, Clothing Issue, and Warehouse just to name a few areas.  She is an asset to the institution that is unsurmountable to gain.  Thank you, Ms. Knapp.

FAITH HALTER- “OUR ROCK” of the mailroom.  Ms. Halter has demonstrated a high level of dedication and loyalty to WRDCC for 15 plus years.  You really can’t say Mailroom without saying Faith.  The Mailroom has experienced many—numerous changes with the onsite of tablets for the offenders and email capabilities, for one.  Whoa, you have no idea the amount of unprecedented never before censorship (waiting on updated policy) guidelines.  Not to mention lack of staff due to illnesses, children, and loss of loved ones, etc.; Ms. Halter you have taken the bull by the horn and continued to maintain a functioning mailroom.  Your actions have not went unnoticed.  Thank you, Ms. “OUR ROCK” Halter.

New Team Members

Jonathon Fultz, COI

Willie Perryman, COI

Melissa Stewart, COI

Laundry Supervisor Jeanne Drake


Cody Mengel, was Correctional Officer/CERT Member and is now the newest addition to WRDCC Maintenance Department

Success Story

Health & Wellness Committee:  WRDCC held a Blood Drive on the September 2nd:  We had 39 people register to donate, and were able to collect 34 units.  Which will save about 102 lives!!

Restorative Justice:  In the Garden:     So far in September we have donated 1002 pounds of vegetables/fruit.   The 2020 Restorative Justice Garden has donated 4,204 pounds of produce so far.  As we are nearing an end of the gardening season, we still have Bell Peppers, Cucumbers and Okra that are still producing.  There is about a week or two (if COVID-19 doesn't interfere anymore) until we can pick the majority of the watermelons and pumpkins.  Soon we will be picking lots of sweet potatoes.  Right now the weights are behind what we produced last year although we still have time and it has been a rough year with the humidity and social distancing between Housing Units.  Shout out to all Staff & Offenders that have given it their all this year with all the challenges we have had.   Canteen over spending by offenders:  Treatment Offenders graciously overspent in canteen the week of 9/14/20 and 2 Extra Large trash bags and about 8 small trash bags full of food was donated to the food pantry today.

Jeans two day Fundraiser:  St. Joe Youth Alliance was in a competition to win a grant/scholarship and WRDCC on September 3 & 4 collected 199 cans of food.  All the cans that the Youth Alliance collected went to Second Harvest.  No word yet if St. Joe Youth Alliance won the grant/scholarship but thank you to all the WRDCC staff that helped put them in the running.

August 2020

EOM Ronald Taylor
EOM Ronald Taylor

Employee of the Month

CO I Ronald Taylor

Corrections Officer I Ronald Taylor was chosen as the August 2020 Employee of the Month.Taylor consistently assists shifts with coverage. Knowing that 2nd shift food service is short on the weekends, Taylor volunteers to work both Saturday and Sunday to ensure coverage is met. Taylor has also taken on additional duties, not required by his position. He assists with sanitizer distribution on the weekends to ensure that all areas have the necessary supplies.Taylor is utilized on frequent occasions by the shift supervisors to fulfill various post and is frequently moved around. Taylor is considered a mentor and a leader by his fellow staff.

Ronald Taylor is an excellent staff member and a fine example of the great staff that we have here at our institution. Congrats!!

Bruce Bartholomew retirement
Bruce Bartholomew retirement

New Team Members

Jonathan Smith, CO-I

William Manning, CO-I

Kristina Cook, CO-I

Kristie Nordbye, CO-I

Evelyn Alexander, CO-I

Michael Sipes, CO-I

Jacob Diekamp, CO-I

Mikal Fitzpatrick, CO-I

James Fenner retirement
James Fenner retirement

Kristina Cook, CO-I

Jacob Diekamp, CO-I

Ricky Faris, CO-I

Jonathan Smith, CO-I

Kristie Nordbye, CO-I

Michael Sipes, CO-I

Nathan Woodruff, CO-I

Cody Daise, CO-I

Deven Hays, CO-I

Rhonda Stigall retirement
Rhonda Stigall retirement

Evelyn Alexander, CO-I

Cody Daise

Jonathan Evans, CO-I

Deven Hays, CO-I

Mikal Fitzpatrick, CO-I

William Manning, CO-I

Nathan Woodruff, CO-I

Maverick Cogdill, CO I

Jenni Snyder, LPN

Geraldine Vaughn, RN

Samuel Waller retirement
Samuel Waller retirement

Ashlee Wolf, RN

Tara Sowell, RN


Ms. Tiffany Ueligger went from CO-I to CCA

Mr. Acle Jenkins went from CO-I to CCA

Shawn Karlin CCMI to CCMII

Ryan Mattox went from SGT to CCMII

Ruth Montgomery went from CCMI to CCMII


Bruce Bartholomew, PPSI III

Kenneth Daniel, CO I

James Fenner, SE

Rhonda Stigall, SK

Samuel Waller, ET


We at WRDCC need to send a “GREAT BIG”, THANK YOU, to: Chelsea Spackler, RTA; Amy Tippie, CTO; Sabrina Doss, CTO; Carissa Mitchell, CTO.   On Tuesday, July 28th the new hire COI’s were doing their Basic Training at the WRDCC worksite computer lab and the internet went out, causing their Virtual Instructor Led (VILT) training to be interrupted for the entire morning session.  This would have caused two of our new COI’s to have to make-up those VILTs next month and not being able to assist us with our shortage of COI’s.

After Rodney explained the situation to Chelsea, she sent out an email to her trainers to see if any of them were available to do make-up VILTS the next day, that is where Amy and Sabrina and Carissa volunteered allowing our officers to complete the training without a month delay.  This is another example of Team Work and that were all working for our Vision of, Excellence in Corrections for a Safer Missouri.

Important Dates

The entire month of October is Open Enrollment.  Please watch for emails from Missouri Consolidated Health Care (MCHCP) regarding 2021 plans

Success Story

Produce that was picked from the garden at WRDCC totaling 355 pounds on 08/14/20. This has been a rough year with all the humidity and with the Covid-19. We are pleased to be able to provide our produce to the community. Our garden is not as big as some facilities although we do our fair share. We have three faithful volunteers and a couple others that come out quite a bit. They work hard for their garden and are proud of the amounts of food it provides. We have been able to provide the following produce this year: Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Okra, Cantaloupes, Strawberries, Potatoes. We will be providing when the time is right: Watermelon, Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkins. Thank all for being a part of this service work.


Thank You - The Wellness Committee purchased new items for the staff gym. There is a new elliptical, weight equipment was repaired / some parts replaced, and Catherine Davis and her husband were generous enough to donate a treadmill.

Puppy Pic

P4P dog James
P4P dog Chloe
P4P dog Chloe










EOM Lukas Stone
EOM Lukas Stone

July 2020

Employee of the Month

RO II Lukas Stone

Recreation Officer II Lukas Stone was selected as the July 2020 Employee of the Month. Mr. Stone has brought many new ideas to the recreation department as well as WRDCC. Mr. Stone has researched and brainstormed new ways of keeping offenders active during this challenging Virus Containment Plan. Many of those activities have involved numerous offenders participating and enjoying competitive activities where they can be proud of their involvement and accomplishments. In addition, Mr. Stone implemented a new worker scheduled that ensures recreation equipment and areas are properly sanitized.

Mr. Stone is an excellent example of professionalism in the workplace. He recently became a Corrections Way Ambassador in an effort to promote a positive culture here at WRDCC. He has been recognized by many of his peers and superiors for his ability to keep the class interactive and engaging. He has said he wants to ensure each employee values the Department of Corrections and its mission and values. He is very hard working, dependable, honest, caring, and takes initiative. He leads by example and encourages subordinates to be the best that they can be.

Since implementing the Virus Containment Plan, Mr. Stone has been working diligently to resolve offender complaints and/or rumors. He takes the extra time to explain to offenders what we’re doing and why. This has put offender’s minds at ease and fostered a more positive environment. There have been numerous times when he has altered his work schedule to cover recreation to keep the day to day operations running smoothly. He has also responded to several institutional emergencies with a “ready to help” attitude.  Lukas Stone shows himself to be an excellent staff member and a fine example of the great staff that we have here at our institution.

Awards & Recognition

Coin Recipient

Linda Waugh - Investigator II

Alexa Burks - Job Shadow

Casey Perkins - COII

Ethan Miller - COI

Sydney Smith - COI 

New Team Members

COI Joshua Burnett

Sally Crossley, RN

Amy Jenkins, LPN

Alex Jackson, LPN

Roshelle Thomas, Medical Clerk


Jennifer Hernandez has been promoted to the Director Of Nursing - Corizon

Brenna Clancy has been promoted to the Assistant Director Of Nursing - Corizon

Staff Moves

Richard Wilkinson from COI to  Boiler Operator


As we begin FY21,  we wanted to share out some information on training.

We will resume conducting new hire institutional staff training at the Training Centers in all three regions beginning tomorrow.  We are conducting new hire Probation and Parole Pre-Service, Initial Safety, Initial Firearms and Effective Case Management and ORAS as well as starting back with some tenured staff P&P Virtual Instructor Led training. The Corrections Way will begin conducting trainings around the state. CIT training is starting back on a case by case basis.  Office of Professional Standards will begin training Administrative DHRUC and DHRUC for new staff and new supervisors in seat. We are approving some other isolated trainings wherein there is a critical need for staff to be trained within the Divisions as approved by Executive staff. 

We will not be conducting other training at this time, to include in-service, new management, P&P safety for tenured staff or clerical, and any other classes not previously noted. This will allow us to maintain space in the training centers for social distancing and reduce the number of staff in confined spaces. It is our goal to keep our staff all across the state as safe as possible, while still providing critical training.  We will update you as things continue to change.

Keep in mind that we have many possibilities for training through DOCOTA and MO Learning. We will soon be adding additional MO Learning, DOCOTA, and NIC classes to our approved electives list as well. 

A few other changes for training, 

We will no longer allow staff attending training to bring cellphones inside training facilities. Staff may leave the building to check messages on breaks and at lunchtime as needed.  In addition, we will allow no eating or visible food within the classrooms. Beverages are fine. We will no longer have hourly breaks in the training day.  Staff will have a 15 minute break in the morning, lunch, and then a 15 minute break in the afternoon. 

As a Training Department, we serve our entire Department of Corrections and we take that responsibility very seriously. We want to create the best training environment possible for all staff with the least amount of distraction in the day. 

Written by Lori Lewis,  CRTC Assistant Division Director

Important Dates

Jeans Week – For 2 weeks (7/06/2020 to 7/18/2020 ) we collected money to go to our Personnel Club for a “COVID FREE IS THE WAY TO BE” social distancing food gathering.  We raised $405.00 for the Personnel Club.

Jeans Week – For 1 week (07/26/20-08/01/20) we collected money to go to our Personnel Club for a “COVID FREE IS THE WAY TO BE” social distancing food gathering.  Total amount raised was not calculated at the time of this newsletter.


DMH CARES (Communicating and Reaching Employees Supportively) is a live, interactive wellness webinar shared every Tuesday from 3:30-4:00 pm. These self-care sessions are available via Webex for all state employees, family and friends beginning tomorrow.

DMH has hosted these internally for staff since April with great success.  Rachel Jones is the host and each week she explores a different topic along with stress management and self-care tips.  DMH CARES is sponsored by Show Me Hope, Missouri’s FEMA Crisis Counseling Program. All Missouri state employees are encouraged to join this Webex for mental health/wellness tips, stress management exercises, resilience education and disaster recovery resources.

The registration link for DMH CARES will take you to the State of Missouri Webex site.  Look for the July 14 DMH CARES listing and click on the registration link.  Provide the required information and that’s it.

Webex Program Description:  DMH CARES

(Registration Web Address: https://stateofmo.webex.com/mw3300/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=stateofmo…)

We look forward to helping ease your stress at 3:30 each Tuesday afternoon!

Sincerely, Commissioner Sarah Steelman

June 2020

Big News

Dear WRDCC Staff:

WRDCC Administrative Staff would like to extend a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all staff for their support and cooperation during our Sentinel Covid-19 testing June 22-25, 2020.  With the continuing threat of the Coronavirus and the current pandemic, we find ourselves in unprecedented and uncertain times.  We appreciate your commitment to the department and our institution.  One day at a time we WILL get through this! 

Thank you,

  WRDCC Administrative Staff

Employee of the Month

CS I Bobbie Kennedy

Captain Bobbie Kennedy continually goes above and beyond the expectations of a Custody Supervisor and has positively impacted a multitude of staff which is vital to the morale of WRDCC.  She arrives to work nearly an hour prior to her assigned shift so that she can interact with staff, prepare the paperwork necessary for her shift, and this allows the previous shift to make notification of staffing needs at the earliest possible time.  She then provides staff the opportunity to discuss events or ask questions before positively pepping them up and sending them to their posts.  Her bright and buoyant personality is contagious and it allows staff to feel comfortable coming to her with any issues or to seek guidance.

Since the introduction of The Corrections Way, Captain Kennedy has championed and embodied the values that are fundamental to its success.  As a Corrections Way Ambassador she is often taking part in additional projects and providing training to staff so that WRDCC can be a more positive working environment for all.  She also inspires staff to take part in the LinkedIn MO Learning courses so that they can achieve their career goals.  Captain Kennedy consistently shows that she is committed to the success of this organization and its staff.  Her dedication in undertaking additional responsibilities and projects does not dissuade her from fulfilling her primary responsibilities as a leader and she will always stop what she is doing to have meaningful conversations with staff.

Captain Kennedy shows herself to be an excellent staff member and a fine example of the great staff that we have here at our institution. Congrats!!

OSA K Christopher Gage


Since August 2019 the DORS program has been without a second clerical staff leaving our only OSA-K, Christopher Gage to assume the extra duties.  Since that time, he has performed the duties of two clerical staff members, and has taken on many additional tasks to ensure that the treatment staff have what they need to manage their offenders.  He continually ensures that weekly rosters, orientation and pre-release lists, and discharges are up to date, and ensures that offender phase privileges are entered by the end of the week.  Mr. Gage continually takes on additional duties and many times does additional jobs without being asked.  While this is not an easy task, he has done so without complaining and has been willing to continue with these duties until the COVID19 job freeze is lifted and we can hold staff interviews.  Chris has also been a huge part of ensuring that the treatment library is running smoothly during the COVID social distancing, and has continued to monitor and take care of restorative justice activities. He most recently completed an OSA-K manual for the DORS clerical positions which thoroughly outlines how to perform the duties of the DORS OSA-K, and outlines the processes and how to perform each required task.  Chris often offers to assist the clerical in other departments when he can, and always helps wherever needed.   He is always willing to take on additional tasks and challenges, and continually gives feedback and ideas to assist in making positive changes to the treatment program.  He has shown himself to be a valuable employee, and his continued help and dedication to our staff and clients is greatly appreciated.

Due to his outstanding performance and dedication to his job, Mr. Gage is being submitted for the WRDCC Employee of the Month.

Awards & Recognition

Challenge Coin Winners:

CCM Garner

Staff Moves

Anna Fix has switched from CCM II  to GP officer with P&P.

Important Dates

Jeans Week Fundraising:

During the week of 6/02/2020 to 6/07/2020  we raised a grand total of $220.00 for “after COVID” celebration hosted by the business club.

During the week of 06/07/20 to 06/13/20 we raised a grand total of $362.00 for Grace House.

During the week of 6/14/2020 to 6/27/2020 we raised a grand total of $[total was not yet available – keep an eye out for the July newsletter update] for Sheriff Andy Clark’s Family.

Success Story

Way to go Lacy Carlson!!

I just wanted to provide some positive feedback regarding an experience I just had with one of your staff. I called your facility a few minutes ago to speak with a counselor. I only have the counselor’s name and unfortunately, the counselor did not have a signature with her contact info in the email she sent to me. With very little information, I contacted the institution and spoke to the operator. The operator tried to transfer me to the extension listed for the counselor, but the line kept ringing. When I was transferred back to the operator, she suggested looking up another counselor and transferring me. The line kept ringing and I was transferred back. She offered to go down the list and try to find someone who could assist me, but I told her I would try emailing the counselor with a request she call me instead. The operator told me if I change my mind, she would be more than happy to help me find someone. The operator was pleasant throughout the exchange. When she picked up the phone, she caught me off guard with her positive tone. In all honesty, that is not the standard across the state.

It's the little things that matter the most. I appreciate Carlson taking initiative to assist me today.

WooHoo CCM Garner!!

Case Manager Garner received a letter of high praise that was sent to Warden Brownlow from the wife of an offender she supervises.  The letter read in part, “Matthew has been in several DOC facilities over the years and he has never spoken so highly of a case worker.  He says that she treats him like a man and is genuinely interested in helping him and the other men in his house.  The two times I have spoken with Ms. Garner, she has been friendly and informative and I truly believe that she cares about my husband as a fellow human being.”  Congratulations and thank you to Case Manager Garner for her dedication and commitment to the team’s success.

May 2020

Big News

I would like to take a moment to thank two sections here at WRDCC.  If you were not aware this is both Corrections Officer Week and Nurses Week.  In a normal year, we would have been setting up the tent and recruiting staff to fire up the grill.  Thanks to COVID, we are all learning the expectations of social distancing and what it means to “Don”: and “Doff.”

To our Officers, Thank You.  Thank you for the security you provide 24/7.  Thank you for the Holidays, the weekends and the overtime.  Thank you for wearing the mask, gloves and gowns to keep an eye on those who are or might be sick.  Thank you for being professional, even when you are not being treated professionally.  There is always one more job or assignment to complete, and you all seem to somehow get it done.

To our Nurses, Thank You.  Thank you for making sure our staff and the offenders are taken care of.  Thanks for showing up when the weather is bad or when a staff member has an emergency.  Thanks for being willing to care for those who need help, even for those who may not know they need help.  We could not run WRDCC without you, and we notice the long hours you have to do sometimes to keep things safe.

The Director put out a memo stating that this week would be postponed and celebrated later in the year.  I wish I could give you a date, but at this time I don’t have any idea.  When we get through the pandemic and we don’t have to be concerned with social distancing and COVID contamination, I’ll get Lt. Q to fire up the grill and we will celebrate!

Please take time this week to thank the Officers and Nurses that work in and around your area.  They deserve it, and I guarantee they will appreciate it.

P.S. It is also national Teachers Week, and today is National Teachers Day!  So to our teachers, Thank You!  For those that do not know the teachers at WRDCC have completely revamped how they are getting the information to their students, making individual packets for each student.  The student is able to work on the packet and then have it delivered back to education.  They have even been able to get some testing completed one-on-one during this time.  Thanks to the innovative practices, WRDCC education was selected to pilot a new “app” on the offender tablet that allows direct communication!

Stay safe ~ Ryan Brownlow, Warden

Employee of the Month

MS II Andre Bleazard

MSII Andre Bleazard is a true asset to the department.  He carries himself continually with professionalism and reliability.  He is responsible for the visually pleasing “WRDCC” rock sign as you approach the institution as well as heading up the window barrier bars that are around the modules in JU 10 and A Module.  This added security makes 10 house a much safer place to work as a staff member.  With Maintenance being shorthanded at the moment he doesn’t shy away from helping out.

Awards & Recognition

Challenge Coin Winners:

David Sutton, Correction Officer I
Patrick Dunlap, FUM
Randy Power, Boiler Operator
Savannah Radmer, Correction Officer I

Star Awards:

Marvin Gerdes, ACIII
JaDonna Butler, ACIII
Clint Watkins, ACIII
Chris Gage, OSA
Tanya Kimbrough, ACII
April Jeffers, ACII
Roxanna Rich, ACII
Jeff Pettijohn, ACII
Pam Sacca, ACII
Audrey Partridge, ACII
Wendy Clymer, ACII
Mindy Pettijohn, ACII
Kevin Phillips, ACII
Betsy Flint, ACII
Trish Devine, ACII

New Team Members

CO I Colton Cook-Furr
CO I Darcee Sipes
CO I Trenton Sill
Cook II Rebecca Wittmeyer


Arthur Burton
Joyce “Annette” Hobbs

Staff Moves

Irene Ueligger  – From CCM II HU-6 to CCM II ADSEG

Important Dates

EVENT:                        10-33 Benevolent Fund Golf Tournament

DATE:                           Friday, August 28, 2020

TIME:                            8:30 AM & 1:30 PM

LOCATION:                   Tanglewood Golf Course in Fulton, MO.

ENTRY FEE:                $100 per person ($40 golf, $60 membership in 10-33) - Please make checks payable to 10-33 Benevolent Fund

INCLUDES:                 18 holes of golf, cart, prizes and refreshments.

HOLE SPONSOR:        $100 per sign puts you or your organization prominently on the course

P4P dog Usher

Success Story

A big shout out to everyone that donated in April for our two fundraisers:

Second Harvest:  April 19-25, 2020 we raised 460 weight in canned good & we raised $60.00 and  the Personnel Club donated $40.00 with a grand total of $100.00 that will be donated to Second Harvest. 

Noyes Home: April 27 – May 1, 2020 we raised $356 & Personnel Club donated $144.00 with a grand total of $500.00 that will be donated to the Noyes Home for children. 

Pennies for PAWS:  May 11-16, 2020 we raised $264.00 that will benefits the St. Joseph

P4P dog Dan

Animal Control by helping with emergency medical care, medical care of animals at the shelter, low income spay/neuter, the Puppies For Parole Program, ads to increase adoptions, and our website.

WRDCC received honorable mention for being a contributing collection site for the Community Blood Drive Center.  Thank you one & all that donated blood and helping all those in need. 

Puppy Pic

Usher is a 3.5 year old pitbull mix. He

P4P dog Saki

is in the Puppies for Parole Program working on passing his CGC test.  He is very energetic, loves to run and play fetch. If you are interested, please fill out an application and contact the shelter at 816-271-4877.

Dan is a 3.5 year old black and tan Coonhound. He is currently in the Puppies for Parole Program working on passing his CGC test. Dan came into the program heartworm positive, however, since treated he no longer has them. He loves attention and always has his nose to the ground. . If you are interested, please fill out an application and contact the shelter at 816-271-4877.

Saki is a 3.5 year old female Pitbull. She is currently in the Puppies for Parole Program working on her CGC test. Saki is a sweet girl who loves attention, being petted and playing with her rope. If you are interested, please fill out an application and contact the shelter at 816-271-4877.

P4P dog Manny

Manny is a 4.5 year old bridle Cocker Spaniel mix. He is currently completing his CGC test in the Puppies for Parole Program. Manny loves the attention on him and to play tug of war. If you are interested, please fill out an application and contact the shelter at 816-271-4877.







April 2020

EOM Kathy Ebersold
EOM Kathy Ebersold

Employee of the Month


OSA-K Kathy Ebersold

OSA-K Kathy Ebersold has been a great support for all OSA’s. She is always willing to step up and cover any housing unit that is needing help.  She is always working diligently to make sure that paperwork, files, etc. get done and get to where they are supposed to be.  Ms. Ebersold has been working hard on developing an OSA manual to assist in the training of new OSA staff.  Along with all of this, she is also been willing to go to other facilities such as CRCC and KCRC when they have needed assistance.  OSA-K Kathy Ebersold shows herself to be an excellent staff member and a fine example of the great staff that we have here at our institution.

Awards & Recognition

Employee of the Quarter

AC II Jeff Pettijohn

AC II Jeff Pettijohn has been chosen for the Division of Rehabilitative Services Employee of the Quarter.  Over the past 5 months and several months in 2019, you carried a double caseload of up to 46 offenders (normal caseloads are 23 – 25  offenders), assisted with small groups,  provided necessary interventions on the wing for your additional caseload, and held additional one on ones for each offender to ensure that the offenders were getting their treatment needs met.  You continue to do these additional duties at this time and have agreed to do so until we are fully staffed in the DORS program.  While this is not an easy task, you have done so without complaining and have been willing to continue with these duties until the COVID19 job freeze is lifted and we can hold staff interviews.  You also served as a member of the new curriculum committee and have been instrumental in helping identify our upcoming curriculum changes.  You are always willing to take on additional tasks, and continually give feedback and ideas to assist in making positive changes to the treatment program.  You have shown yourself to be a valuable employee, and your continued help and dedication to your clients is greatly appreciated.



WRDCC Challenge Coin

CO I Christopher Lytton – WRDCC Challenge Coin
CCM I Barbara Wilson – WRDCC Challenge Coin
CCM I Acle Jenkins – WRDCC Challenge Coin
CCM II Tenna Ward  – WRDCC Challenge Coin
CCM II Bob Griffin – WRDCC Challenge Coin

New Team Members

Auxier, Amber – CO I
Beggs, Andrew – CO I
Cardwell, Hunter – CO I
Ellis, Breanna – CO I
Garcia, Alissa – CO I
Garcia, Jericha – CO I
Howard, Natasha – CO I
Lynch, Glenn – CO I
McDaniel, Kendall – CO I
Morese, John – CO I
Orwig, Tanner – CO I
Sill, Brenton – CO I
Strathman, Cassie – CO I
Tinoco, Victor – CO I
Williams, Elijah – CO I
Williams, Isaiah – CO I
Weyer, Carrie – OSA
Wessell, Tanya – RN
Wisdom, Rebecca – RN
Shurtleff, Brock – Volunteer
Stevens, Charles – Volunteer


Giannattasio, Debbie – From OSA to SOSA
Ham, Chris – From CO II to CO III
Kavanaugh, Tina – From OSA to SOSA
Hulett, Zachary – From CO I to CO II
Brewer, Jacob– From CO I to CO II
Gregory, Lori– From CO I to CO II

Congratulations to Laura Wideman she worked in MODOC since 1998 starting at MTC in the Substance Abuse Program until 2005.  In 2005 she began employment with the Mental Health Department as a Licensed Professional Counselor at Western Missouri Correctional Center (WMCC) and remained there until she transferred to WRDCC in August 2016.   Ms. Wideman assumed the role of Acting ICMHS on February 28, 2020 and was promoted to ICMHS March 23, 2020.


Bob Lima CCA retired on 4/30/2020 after 22 years of service.
Bob Griffin CCM II retired on 04/30/2020 after 25 years of service.
Kimberly Ross CCM II retired on 04/30/2020 after 24 years of service.
Leo Storoz MS II – retired on 4/1/2020

Staff Moves

Sean Hardee – From CCM II to Probation and Parole Officer II

P4P dog Byron
P4P dog Byron

Hall, Franklin – From CO I to AC I
Brewer, James – From Corizon Mental Health Clerk to AC I
Long, Brittany – From Corizon Medical Clerk to P&P OSA

Important Dates

Policy: D2-11A – Social Media will be going into effect on 5-16-20.

Puppy Pic

Byron is a 1 1/2 year old welsh corgi mix. He is just a little guy, but has a big personality. He is very entertaining and enjoys snuggling in your lap.  He is smart and catches on quick, he also knows how to play dead!   Byron was adopted by COI Smith.

December 2019


Christmas Joy

 Our Adopt-A-Family team were not only able to help out several WRDCC Families this year, but we also were able to contribute to several amazing programs here in St. Joseph, including the Noyes Home and the YWCA. Both of these organizations were extraordinarily grateful for the donations. For the staff that participated, the look on the children's faces when Santa walked in was the best part of the day for all of us.Thank you to everyone who participated and a special thank you to Santa for making the children's day!







July 2019

Employee of the Month

P&P Unit Supervisor Greg Petruczenko
P&P Unit Supervisor Greg Petruczenko was chosen as Employee of the Month for July because he is very involved with the training and implementation of the Ohio Risk Assessment (ORAS) tool. He has committed countless hours to the program, in addition to fulfilling his normal daily duties. Greg is always willing to stop what he is doing and take the time to answer questions. He is patient and thorough in his explanations, ensuring understanding and that he has answered all questions. 


Congratulations to Eileen Johnson on her promotion to Mail room- SOSA. Eillen will assume the responsibilities and duties of the Section Head/ Supervisor for the Mail room. Ms. She joined the Missouri Department of Corrections at Western Reception Diagnostic and Correctional Center in January 2014 as OSA Mail room. She has an Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from the Saint Leo University. Ms. Johnson has over 10 years of management experience from Godfather’s, Taco Bell, and Lane Bryant.            

Congratulations to Charlotte Buhman on her promotion to SOSA - Personnel. Charlotte will assume the timekeeping responsibilities for Western Reception Diagnostic and Correctional Center. She began her employment with the Missouri Department of Corrections in Personnel as an OSA in January 2019. She previous work experience includes Alorica as a Title Clerk, Ag Expo Center, as an administrative assistant for the organization she oversaw the donor base and accounting system, and she was owner of Porter Printing Center for 21 years, managing all aspects of the business, including payroll. 


CO I Norman Cook retired 7/1/19 after 30 years of service.

CO II Daniel Brown retired 7/1/19 after 25 years of service.

Training Sergeant William Bravo retired 7/1/19 after 24 years of service.

Denise Reynolds Clinical Director DORS retired 7/1/19 after 22 years of service.

CO I Jerry Robinson retired 7/1/19 after 13 years of service.

CO I James Waites retired 7/1/19 after 12 years of service.

Congratulations to all retirees! We thank you for your many years of service and wish you well!  

Success Story

WRDCC RJ produce
WRDCC RJ produce

WRDCC held a second Blood Drive July 3, 2019. Each participant received two Vouchers to the Kansas City Royals Game, as well as being entered into a drawing for $10 Subway gift card. Winners of the gift cards were Lt. Mckinney, Joseph Myscofski, Lacie McClellan-Fox, Todd Curtin, and Ryan Brownlow. A total on 30 units of blood were donated. Thank you to all who participated in giving such a wonderful gift.

We are very pleased to announce as of July 30, WRDCC has donated 1,564 pounds of food to the Second Harvest Food Bank in St. Joseph Missouri which was grown in the Restorative Justice Garden. Approximately 20 offenders have volunteered to maintain the garden since April and have worked a total of 182 hours to make this happen.Thank you for all your hard work to help out our community. It is greatly appreciated. Below are just a few photos of the bounty produced in the garden.


April 2019

Institution Activities

Heartland Health sponsored a “Know Your Numbers” staff health fair on April 17.  Various stations were set up for health screening including blood glucose, blood pressure, and eye exams. Every employee who participated was entered into a drawing for Wal-Mart gift cards. Gift Card winners were Katherine Guyer, Maureen O’Rourke, James Neuman, and John Fisk.

April EOM Terry Dye
April EOM Terry Dye

National Crime Victims’ Right week was observed April 7-13, with several events taking place. The Restorative Justice Organization hosted a ceremony April 11 in HU 6 gym  for offenders and staff members. There were guest speakers with Healing Pathway Victims Services Agency from Kansas City and offenders participated by drawing posters, singing songs and reading poems. The Restorative Justice Organization donated money to Healing Pathway Agency and YWCA Victim Services. 

Staff members also raised $454 for Voices of Courage Children’s Advocacy Center by participating in a $1 Jeans day fundraiser.       

A Blood Drive was held on April 23, with 11 successful donations. All participants were entered into a drawing for gift cards for their donations. Winners were Todd Curtin, Pandora Durbin, Anna Fix, Franklin Hall, Lonnie Hamilton, Charllene Landis, Tracy Muff, Haley Rogers, Kassie Saldivar, and Rick Stepanek.

Staff also participated in Denim Day April 24 supporting Step Forward and Take A Stand Against Rape.           

IAC MRP Christy Stevens Warden's Award
IAC MRP Christy Stevens Warden's Award

Employee of the Month

MS I Terry Dye

MS I Terry Dye was selected as the WRDCC April Employee of the Month for his unfailing dedication to keeping the facility maintained. Terry responds to any requests made by the institution, including after hours problems. Most recently he responded to all snow and ice removal efforts throughout the winter. Terry also works as a Corrections Officer on his regular days off, as well as working on the recruitment team.

Awards & Recognition

Christy Stevens, recipient of the Wardens Award 

Katie Hughes P&P Employee of the  Month

Star Award Winners: Valerie Hutchcraft, Carole Becker, Tracy Muff, Fum Pat Dunlap 


OSA Katie Hughes P&P EOM
OSA Katie Hughes P&P EOM


JaDonna Butler was promoted to Addictions Counselor III with Division of Offender Rehabilitative Services. JaDonna has been with department  since May 1997, where she began as a CO I. JaDonna is certified with the Missouri Substance Abuse Professional Credentialing Board as a Criminal Justice Addictions Professional and holds her Medicated Assisted Recovery Specialist Certification. She brings 22 years of experience in the field of Corrections and Substance Abuse.


Crisis Intervention Team training took place throughout the month by Ms. Burkardt and Lt. Mitchell.

Classes for the Corrective Action Report were held by Irene Ueligger and James Hawkins.

Star Award Winners: Valerie Hutchcraft, Carole Becker, Tracy Muff, Fum Pat Dunlap
Star Award Winners: Valerie Hutchcraft, Carole Becker, Tracy Muff, Fum Pat Dunlap

Success Story

Recently a note was sent to Warden Stepanek by an attorney telling him how pleasant his experience was at WRDCC when he came to visit his client. He had nothing but praise for the search point officer, staff assisting him with signing in and the staff that escorted the offender to the visit. Thank you to those employees for showing how great the employees of WRDCC are.