Crossroads Correctional Center Updates - Aug. 16, 2018

Aug. 16, 2018

A gradual restoration of services and movement continues at Crossroads Correctional Center, where a lockdown and then a modified lockdown have been in effect since May 12.

Significant delays in the replacement of multiple security doors damaged in the May incident have led to further delays in a return to normal activity. Door replacement entails the manufacture of six custom-made security doors and door frames, followed by shipping and installation. Installing each door can take up to two days. 


Because of delays in securing the kitchen and dining areas at CRCC, the facility has not yet been able to begin preparing and serving hot meals. However, fresh sack meals are now being prepared on site and delivered to offenders in their cells.

Service of one hot meal per day is expected to commence as soon as the kitchen and dining area have been secured.


Visiting at CRCC resumed Aug. 9-12. Approximately 70 offenders were able to visit with family and friends during that four-day period. Visits will continue every weekend. Offenders will be notified about the dates when they will have the opportunity to meet with visitors, and they will then notify loved ones. 


Offenders at CRCC are allowed to send and receive mail on a regular schedule and to make phone calls once a day Monday through Friday. 

Other Services and Activities Available

  • 30 minutes of recreation time daily
  • Work assignments for some offender jobs
  • Daily showers
  • Scheduled health care appointments
  • Scheduled chaplain appointments
  • Religious materials
  • Law library materials
  • Books and personal items
  • Canteen access
  • Medications
  • Mental health services
  • Attorney visits and phone calls
  • Laundry service
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Ice

If you have questions, please contact Constituent Services at or 573-526-2695.

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