Circles of Transformation

The Transitional Housing Unit was responsible for implementation of the "Circles of Transformation: Listen, Learn, Process Issues of Transition" program at Chillicothe Correctional Center. With the help of community volunteers (facilitators), twelve women gather for two hours every Monday evening for 6 sessions. Every participant will have the opportunity to speak and to listen as hopes and concerns about release are shared.

The six sessions are broken down as follows:

  • process their reentry concerns;
  • support each other in addressing those concerns;
  • learn positive communication and problem solving skills that can improve relationships;
  • share what forgiveness means and does not mean to them and the impact of forgiveness in their life;
  • make initial plans for stable reentry into family and community life; and
  • explore support systems that can enable successful reentry once they are released

We have also started a similar session for "Long Timers" (women with 15 to life sentences). The program is different in some respects because it focuses on issues of their lives in the institution.

At the request of staff at Western Missouri Correctional Center we have implemented the Circles of Transformation program at that facility for men. The men's program shares the same structure, goals, etc…