The Big Picture

Message to Staff: May 30, 2018

Good afternoon, Corrections Family!

I want each of you to know that, despite yesterday’s announcement from Governor Greitens, your job, your role and your value in this department haven’t changed. Keep doing exactly what you are doing! The Missouri Department of Corrections will continue to advance and make positive changes for Missouri, and I plan to lead the charge.

I spoke with Lt. Gov. Parson this morning. He is appreciative of and encouraged by the great work being done in Corrections, and he plans to continue to support me, our staff and the direction of this department.

I will do my best to keep you informed. Here are some updates:


Once the governor has signed the budget, we will send all staff an official notice, with details. We’re thankful to the legislature for recognizing the hard work of our employees and taking the first of many steps to increase pay. Please keep in mind that this is just the first step.

Mission, Vision and Values

We have updated our mission, vision and values statements to align with our strategic plan and expectations. I hope you all learn, live and embrace them in your daily work.

Mission: Improving Lives for Safer Communities

Vision: Excellence in Corrections for a Safer Missouri

Values: We value safe work environments, a capable workforce and reduced risk and recidivism. We value integrity and respect. We value supportive leadership. We value employee participation and teamwork.

Strategic Plan

Starting in June, management will conduct meetings focused on our department’s strategic plan, which will be used as a road map for the department. I am especially proud of this collaboration. Deputy Director Matt Sturm has personally vetted the plan with more than 700 employees and has made improvements based on your feedback. As your administration rolls this out, please ask questions and take time to understand where we are headed. HINT: I will be asking about it when I come out to the field.

The Corrections Way

We are in the follow-up portion of Phase I of The Corrections Way, and we continue to learn from participants. I’m excited to begin Phase II, which will help us sustain what we’ve started. We plan to incorporate Corrections Way lessons into our training academy; produce short videos for all staff; and build in additional supports for supervisors. I was delighted with the feedback we received from The Carden Group regarding the level of professionalism, enthusiasm and participation shown by everyone attending the classes. Thank you for representing MDOC so well!

The BIG Picture

Here’s the most important part of what I wanted to share with you today: We have been talking for months about ENGAGE, The Corrections Way and the strategic plan. Now all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. And at the center of the big picture: YOU.

Remember the organizational health index (OHI) survey 75% of you completed last summer? You said you didn’t feel valued, didn’t feel included, and didn’t know where we were headed. We heard you and took what you said to heart. We developed a strategic plan to use as a road map to keep everyone moving in the same direction and show exactly how YOU fit into the plan. When ENGAGE became a statewide priority, we already were launching The Corrections Way to help supervisors develop vital communication, coaching and mentoring skills that help them help YOU.

For frontline staff, these initiatives are essential to addressing the concerns you’ve raised. Supervisors are working hard to improve your work environment and help you develop as a professional. All of these efforts take time and entail a lot of muscle building, skill practice and information processing. Please be patient with supervisors as they take on these new duties on top of their regular jobs. Our supervisors, managers and administrators are working to be the best they can be.

I appreciate the support I continue to receive from so many of you. As I tell everyone, I came to Missouri for YOU, the employees of the Department of Corrections, and I am staying in Missouri for YOU. I am proud of what we are accomplishing every day and will continue to be your best advocate. Everyone, stay the course! Together, we will make this the department people want to come work for!!!

Anne L. Precythe

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