Puppies for Parole Donations

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The Puppies for Parole Program does not receive any general revenue funding from the State to support its activities. Supplies and support come from our partnering agencies, as well as from donations. (Clicking the puppies to the right will take you to a secure page provided by Collector Solutions)

All donations will be used directly for the Puppies for Parole program. This could include items such as collars, crates, leashes, chew toys, some veterinary services, etc. while the dogs are enrolled in the program.

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To contribute, you may:

  • Mail a check or money order to:

    Puppies for Parole
    Missouri Department of Corrections
    P.O. Box 236
    Jefferson City, MO 65102


The processing or convenience fee charged by the debit/credit card vendor for transactions under $33.00 is $1.00. For transactions over $33.00, please see the table below.

This table represents a complete structure for the amount charged to your debit/credit card by the vendor.

Registration Fee Convenience Fee Examples
$0.00-$33.00 $1.00 Your donation: $21.25
$1.00 charge: $1.00
Total amount charged: $22.25
$33.01-$100.00 3.00%
$100.01-$250.00 2.95%
$250.01-$500.00 2.85% Your donation: $350.00
2.85% of registration fee: $9.98
Total amount charged: $359.98
$500.01-$750.00 2.85%
$750.01-$1,000.00 2.80%
$1,000.01-$1,500.00 2.75% Your donation: $1400.00
2.75% of registration fee: $38.50
Total amount charged: $1438.50
$1,500.01-$2,000.00 2.70%
$2,000.01 or more 2.60%