Level 3 Academy Training

Learning Modes

Training for corrections staff is offered through four learning modes:

  • Online through MoLearning, powered by LinkedIn Learning
  • Online through the Department of Corrections Online Training Academy (DOCOTA)
  • Online in real time through virtual instructor-led training (VILT)
  • In seat at a training center location

Fiscal Year 2022 Level 3 Requirements

(40 hours)

The following courses must be completed by staff in job classes requiring Level 3 Academy training.

  • First Aid and CPR   -   In seat
  • What Happens Next   -   DOCOTA
  • Shot Gun Safety   -   VILT
  • Defensive Tactics Safety   -   VILT
  • Staying Safe in the Workplace   -   DOCOTA
  • Staying Safe Around Fentanyl   -   DOCOTA
  • Shot Gun   -   In seat
  • Defensive Tactics   -   In seat

Course Descriptions

First Aid and CPR

This program provides first aid and lifesaving knowledge that can be used during any medical emergency, whether at or away from work. In seat

What Happens Next

With your time at the Training Academy almost completed. you probably have some questions about what happens next. This section can answer that for you and prepare you for what to look forward to once you are at your post. - DOCOTA

Shot Gun Safety: VILT

This virtual instructor-led program addresses the firearms safety requirements mandated by the Missouri Department of Corrections. Staff are provided with critical information needed to safety handle MODOC shotguns and receive repeated opportunities to employ these safety measures during practice sessions.

Defensive Tactics Safety: VILT

This virtual instructor-led course provides students with basic concepts of Defensive Tactics to prepare them for the Hard Skills practical application. VILT

Staying Safe in the Workplace

This section provides a reminder of ways you can take care of your physical health and mental health while employed with the Department of Corrections. It also includes a module on suicide prevention, as both offenders and staff have higher rates of attempted suicide than the general population, and a module on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).   -   DOCOTA

Staying Safe Around Fentanyl

This course provides information about fentanyl exposure, ways to limit your contact, and how to stay as safe as possible.   -   DOCOTA

Shot Gun: In Seat

This lesson allows participants to practice the basic skills and concepts of the Missouri Department of Corrections approved shotgun. Successful completion of this program is required as part of the MODOC standard firearms course.   -   In seat

Defensive Tactics: In seat

This module provides new employees with basic defensive skills needed for self-protection. This program focuses on defensive techniques for multiple areas of attacks. Staff also explore jeopardy and the requirements for force escalation. Building safer workplaces is a major component of the department's strategic plan. We want our staff to be prepared to defend themselves against attack.