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Welcome to your first month with the Department of Corrections!

Review these steps so you know what to expect as you start your job.


Be sure to complete your enrollment in benefits.

Job Duties

Discuss expectations, deadlines and priorities with your supervisor.

Office Culture

Your supervisor will let you know how office events such as holiday parties and birthdays are handled.


Your supervisor will provide information about training requirements as you start your job.

Training Learning Modes

Training for corrections staff is offered through four learning modes:

  • Online through MoLearning, powered by LinkedIn Learning
  • Online through the Department of Corrections Online Training Academy (DOCOTA)
  • Online in real time through virtual instructor-led training (VILT)
  • In seat at a training center location

Training Requirements

For clerical staff, training requirements vary depending on your work location.

Facility Staff Requirements

Probation & Parole Staff Requirements

Office Staff Requirements

All staff are required to complete approved elective courses.


ENGAGE is a series of monthly professional development conversations with your supervisor. You will have growth model discussions every quarter. Your supervisor will discuss the ENGAGE/Reflect process with you and schedule meetings.

Personnel Director Dwight Politte explains the ENGAGE professional development process and highlights the annual cycle of meetings and evaluations. Watch the video »

The Corrections Way

The Corrections Way (TCW) prepares and equips staff to identify, teach, model and reinforce critical leadership skills. It assists in developing a culture of excellence, improving communication, and building stronger relationships based on mutual trust and respect for one another. You will learn these Corrections Way building blocks during basic training:

  • Communication Styles
  • Value Premise
  • Effective Feedback
  • Quality Conversations/De-escalation
  • Growth Model


Important technology-related links:

Learn the Lingo

You’ll find that people in the Department of Corrections (DOC) tend to use a lot of acronyms. Don’t fret! We have a handy list of acronyms that will help you.


Here’s a list of facilities and contacts that will help familiarize you with the Division of Adult Institutions.