Before You Start

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Your First Day



Seven staff members, some in uniform

Get ready for your new career!

On your first day, someone will walk you through the process of becoming part of the team.

Come prepared! Review these steps so you know what to expect.

Start Date

Review your start date, start time and location. Plan to be on site before your shift starts.

Work Schedule

Confirm your work schedule with your supervisor.


Confirm your salary with your supervisor. State employees are paid twice each month. Your pay rate listed on your offer letter is your semimonthly rate of pay.

State Taxes

Confirm that you are up to date in filing state taxes. If you have fallen behind or you have questions, contact the Missouri Department of Revenue at 573-522-3620.

Tuberculosis Testing

A tuberculosis, or TB, skin test will be administered at your work site. Let us know if you have received a TB vaccine or BCG treatment in the past. All staff are tested annually. You will be asked to submit this form when you're tested.


You will complete the following forms:

  • Conditional Offer Letter
  • Background Check Form
  • Missouri Applicant Fingerprint Form
  • W4-MO Form
  • W4-Fed Form
  • I-9 Form
  • Firm Offer Letter
  • Employee Statistical Information Form
  • Selective Service Form
  • Direct Deposit Application Form
  • ID Badge Application
  • Welcome Letter

What to Bring Your First Day

To complete paperwork, please bring:

  • Photo ID
  • Social Security card
  • A big smile for your ID badge photo

If You Work in a Prison/Institution


  • Lunch, or plan to eat in a cafeteria
  • A transparent/clear bag or container to hold personal belongings

DO NOT Bring

  • A cell phone
  • A weapon
  • Any items that might be considered contraband; check with your hiring manager about which items are allowed and not allowed
  • Be aware that all Missouri Department of Corrections facilities are tobacco-free


Review your options for enrolling in or waiving coverage in the State Employee Benefits Program through the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan (MCHCP). Enroll within 31 days of your hire date or during open enrollment Oct. 1-31. You will receive an enrollment password and login information for the Statewide Employee Benefits Enrollment System (SEBES) by email shortly after your start date if an email address has been provided to the human resources/payroll representative. Need help? Contact MCHCP for help accessing SEBES.

Meanwhile, take a look at these videos.

Total Compensation Package

Check out this overview video from MCHCP to learn more: Introduction to MCHCP for State Employees.

An introduction to MCHCP video

Your First Day