Your First Month


Your first day



Priscilla Mwamba

The first month on the job in the Department of Corrections looks a little different for each person.

Next steps can depend on location, job type and training schedule. Select your job type below for a preview of what you can expect as you start the journey on your new career path.


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Facility Staff: Custody »

  • Corrections Officers (CO I, CO II, CO III)

Probation & Parole Staff »


  • Probation & Parole Officers (PPO)

  • Probation & Parole Assistants (PPA)

  • Community Transition Officers (CTO)

Facility Staff: Operations »


  • Food Service (Cook I, Cook II, Cook III)
  • Maintenance
  • Warehouse
  • Storekeepers

Facility Staff: Classification »


  • Corrections Case Managers
  • Functional Unit Managers

Clerical Staff »


  • Office Support Assistant (OSA, AOSA, SOSA)
  • Accounting Clerks